1+1 = 11th Edition!!

Curiously Listening Brethern!!

Welcome to the 11th edition. Like the title says, we are here to create synergy! Our talents put together bring in much more excitement than they would if they were to play in isolated pockets. So here we are again with some great contributions, each one of them unique and special in its own way!


Shrinidhi‘s Prayer – Voice of Innocence

Four year old Shrinidhi from pune, with help from cousin Archana Kamath, presents to us the 12th Chapter of the Bhagwad-Gita and a Ganapati Bhajan. The best possible start to our week with her innocent and charming voice!

12th Chapter:


Gajamukhane Ganapatiye:


Konkani Kaani by Pravin Da’ Kamath

After hearing from the child.. its time to present to the child, not just the one who sang, but to the child within each one of us. Pravin Kamath-maam shares with us a story in konkani!

Kailo ani chimni (…

Sachin Kulshekhar

Sachin presents to us a beautifully sung devotional song, offering prayers at the lotus feet of Goddess Saraswati. Radio Idli congratulates Sachin on his wonderful rendition and requests him to post more often 🙂

bhava saraswathi.m…

Prathamesh Kini

The singer in Red Jersey, an ardent football fan shoots his formula one voice through Radio Idli this time! He sings Kandhon SE milte hain KAndhe from the movie lakshya, just when we are in the stage of Uniting as a community through Radio idli and many more initiatives!

Way to go Prathamesh (Pat) Kini

kandhon se.mp3

Savkur Returns!

Amit Savkur, after a week’s break returns with his magical voice to the rescue of his waiting fans!

Is Kadar Pyaar Hai…


Ashwin Kamath

Sings an ode to youth!

jawaniyan yeh mast…

Sooraj “Sunnyboy” Kamath

After his dance videos and semiclassical songs, Sooraj returns with a romantic number.

Kuch tum Socho.mp3


Radhika Hegde

Radhika presents her second submission. We thank our listeners who encouraged her last week. I am sure her submissions will continue regularly, thanks to that!

Ajeeb Dastaan – Ra…


Nagesh Pai

My last minute entry. after posting this magnificent edition. I was encouraged to sing one of my favorite songs from the new genre. My friends like to hear it from me. Hope you all like it too!

Teri Deewani.. original by Kailash Kher

Nagesh – Teri Deew…


So that was the menu for the week. Still Waiting for Lokaabhiraam to serve his special submission. I am as curious as each of us here to know what will he do next!!!

Till then Have a Great weekend and Stay tuned.. Stay beautiful!


  1. This is the second time I have noted this… is it a coincidence or do u guys upload as many entries as the edition no? Starting with Lokabhiraam maamu and two entries by Shrinidhi to Nagesh anna’s entry..11 entries… Each beautiful… each vying for attention and each surpassing the other…

    Let me start with the star… Shrinidhi… all i can say is wow!!! She sounds so confident… wish I cud sing so confidently… and that at the age of 4… really amazing… and she sings so well!!

    Pravin Da.. tummi sangile kaaka maamu ani gubachi akkali kaani sangili kaani aikunu sanpani ajjana, bapamana, ammana, annana kaani sangche ashile udgaasu ailo…

    Sachin’s Saraswati Prayer is sung so beautifully…

    Prathamesh has sung so well.. wish the Indian team had heard you… So very inspiring…

    Amit Savkur again weaves the magic of his voice… No wonder you have trapped the hearts of so many fans..

    Ashwin ne gaaya mast mast gaana sunke definitely mast lagaa…

    Sooraj… looks like you have decided to sing a different kind of song each time… first a romantic song… next a semi classical song… next a really soft sensitive song… and this time bak with a romantic song… you have a really beautiful voice..

    Radhika… I do hope u sing every week… One of my favorite songs.. ajeeb dastaan.. sweet rendition…
    And last but not the least…

    listening to Nagesh anna’s voice… aapke aawaz ki main to deewani hoon hi… really nice to listen to your version of the song..


  2. Oh just had to mention this…
    Some time ago, was sitting on my terrace… after a while, i heard my neighbour making her grand daughter eat her lunch… The story she was telling was about Chiu tai and Kavle dada… For those who don’t know marathi… the very same Kaylo and Gurbanji story…Well with a Sliiiight difference… Being one of my favorite childhood stories, I sat there listening to her… She proceeded to tell how chivu tai fed her pilla(her young ones…).. gave them a bath… put them to sleep… and how she left them in Kavle dada’s care… but then came the twist… she soon heard some sound from outside.. a karlum kurlam sound… and then the granny goes on… Mahitiye… Labbad Kavle dadani chivu taiche sagle daane khaun takle…(The cunning crow ate all of the sparrows groundnuts)!!!!!… Now that is wat i call the censored version!!! Who would have thot a children’s story would be so censored???? Either ways… I ran back into my house from the terrace and had a hearty laugh wen i heard it…

  3. Shrinidhi is the star of the Week….

    Its absolutely fantastic for a kid that small to recite the Bhagvadgeeta with this much clarity and fluency.

    She reminds me of my sister Aparna , who used to recite Bhagvadgeeta in competition and win the 1st prize…

    Best wishes to Shrinidhi. Looking forward to listen more of Bhagvadgeeta from her..

  4. The Kiddo is simply superb! Abhee say talent shows…will go a long way if nurtured thatz for sure :0)
    Others…enjoyed the variety as usual. The story was a good introduction in terms of variety…i think i know the continuation of the story tho’ where the gurbanji akka uses a hot kailaatho to bring back her babies from the stomach of the kailo to teach it a lesson and end it with a happy note :0)

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