Eighth Edition – The Complete octave!

Here we are! At the beginning of the next octave of Radio Idli. Its been almost two months since we started Radio Idli and we now stand with marvellous discoveries of Talent within ourselves and our brethern.

The next higher notes await us as we have progressed and discovered each note of the octave, we now await new discoveries and new frontiers through our own voice!
Narayan Kamath

The composer from New Jersey presents some of his own homegrown composition for our musical ears!

Spirit of Inspirat…


Reshma‘s Silken Voice

Reshma Pai sends across a great classic to the delight of our ears.


Amita Shenoi

She returns with her second submission from Kochi, the God’s Own Land

Mujhe math roko.mp…

Nothing stops her bold submissions which i am sure will continue regularly!

Amit Savkur

flows his perennials of melody with another great contribution to keep us spellbound!

Roz Roz aankhon Ta…

Sunny times are here! Sooraj Kamath

Sooraj “sunnyboy” sings a classical dance number in the audio clip.. followed by his actual dance video!


Sooraj’s dance video


DJ Deepak
‘s remix Corner

Here is my pick from Deepak’s remix corner! perfect ending of this weekly with Gabbar’s famous words!

DJ Deepak Feat. Li…

Dj.. kitne aadmi the?? hehe


  1. Wow.. looks like i get to comment first this week…. As usual, RI just keeps getting better…

    Narayan Kamath’s composition is really good to listen to, just wish it hadn’t ended quite so soon.

    Reshma ki aawaz aaj phir sunke, phirse bohot accha laga…

    Anita please contributions mat rokna… ur voice is really sweet…

    Amit Savkur, again keeps on sounding better and better…

    Sooraj.. well def fell in love with that song.. and am trying to learn a few steps from yor dance video… both.. toooo good…

    DJ Deepak.. the perfect finale to the octave…

    Starting with Lokabhiraam to DJ Deepak 8 really amazing contributions.. keep up the good work guys… waiting for next week

  2. WHole hearted applause to all the great performers!

    Every week i wonder whether i will have enough content for the next weekend. And By the time the weekend comes i have great stuff waiting!!

    THanks to all the listeners and contributors for keeping the site full of life!

    Its only participation that will run it.. so keep the contris coming

  3. Amit, its great to listen to beutiful songs in melodious voice!! great Selection and great Sur!!!

  4. Amit bhai I admire your song selection… Excellent voice and Guitar work!!!

    Keep the music rolling

  5. Hey Awesome contri this time..!!

    Sunny needs a special mention.. Dude Hrithik ki chutti karane ka idea hai kya? May be K.L.Saigal/Kishore da days wil be back Dancing-Singing Hero!![8)]

    Dj Deepak , Nice way to remember Gabbar Man, on HOLI festive!!! cool

    Reshma, phir se kab gaa rahi ho?
    Amit -Janaab Aapke liye sepereate folder Banake, Apke Gaane store kar raha hoon..

    Nanni– Cool Macha!!
    Anita – u have a sweet voice..:)


  6. Hey People.. Thanks a lot for your comments.. It is really inspiring.. As rightly said by everyone, this is one of the best platforms to check how talented we amchis are.. First of all Nagu, thanks for coming up with this brilliant idea..

    Apart from my DJ work, I’ve been closely and silently watching our other contributors who are so so so talented.. Thanks to you guys for keeping the spirits up..

    Lok maam is gaining a lot of popularity even at my home, in fact my dad wants to make a CD of the complete series..

    Finally I would like to thank each one of our listeners for appreciating our talents..

    I promise you to come up with more mixes and surprises in the following weeks!! Way to go amchis.. you rock!! \m/

  7. Amit, very good ,enjoyed your singing.

    Reshma ,your voice is good….keep sending

    Sooraj liked your dance,wish the video was more bright

  8. Thanks everyone for ur kind words of encouragement ….

    And to the artists >>>
    Narayan … very nice music, especially the use of bells (AR Rahman style)

    Reshma …. what a pleasant voice and what a song to go with …

    Amita Shenoi … must say that song suited ur voice so much, keep it going

    Sooraj Kamath, the allrounder … singerndancer-in-one. India surely needs an allrounder as dependable as ur for this upcoming world cup.

    DJ Deepak, good work man, lotsa talent there …

    Amit Savkur

  9. Hi all..

    Thanks a lot for your encuoragement.. Wrt the dance video, it was not at all planned.. my sister wanted to ry out the camera and I wanted to try out the dance.. Put 2 and 2 together we ended up with the recording.. Thanks to the feedback of some of my friends I felt confident enough to send it to Nags to upload the video 🙂

    CurrentlY i have no one to record my video but looking fwd to record a few at the earliest

    I am just mesmerized by seeing the loads of talent we have in here.. Amit is awesome, I keep wondering how he adds to the richness of the old songs to his voice.. U rock man
    Amita.. good one again.. Deepak enjoyed ur creativity..

    I congratulate Nagesh.. In someway Radio Idli is similar to Rang de Basanti.. The whole GSB nation has seemed to have woken up 🙂

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