“Kochi Ananth Bhat”

Konkani Poem – A classic recording of Kochi Ananth Bhat

Shri Ramesh Pai from UAE presents to us a closely kept treasure – A tribute to a great Konkani Poet, and a living legend – Shri Kochi Ananth Bhat. We present here a recording of a poem, narrated by the man himself back in 1994 at a Konkani folklore seminar at Ernakulam.

Kochi Ananth Bhat – interview courtesy Pravin “da” Kamath

Pravin Kamath, affectionately known as Pravin Da amongst our founding members has always been an encouraging supporter. Pravin Da’ brings to us an interview that he took of Shri Kochi Ananth Bhat, duly videographed by his son Neeraj at the Vashi Balaji Mandir, where  Chaturmasya celebrations of Shrimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji of Shri Kashi Muth […]