Kochi Ananth Bhat – interview courtesy Pravin “da” Kamath

Pravin KamathPravin Kamath, affectionately known as Pravin Da amongst our founding members has always been an encouraging supporter.

Pravin Da’ brings to us an interview that he took of Shri Kochi Ananth Bhat, duly videographed by his son Neeraj at the Vashi Balaji Mandir, where  Chaturmasya celebrations of Shrimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji of Shri Kashi Muth Samsthan was in progress.

Shri Ananth Bhatmaam, has composed numerous bhajans and Bhaavgeet in Konkani language, which is among the largest konkani contribution in poetry and devotional literature. In this context, we also respectfully bow towards the gigantic statures of Bhadragiri Achuth Dasji and Keshav Dasji, who have granted us the nectar of Harikatha in konkani, apart from english and kannada.

Kindly view the interview below

directions: press the play button. If the video doesnt play continuos.. press the pause button after pressing play.. allow the movie to load for sometime as indicated by a red line and then press play again.. the movie would play continuous.

Shri Ananth Bhatmaam’s bhajans are popularly sung amongst GSB households which include “Amgelo Devu Shri Vyasu Raghupati” and many which have been duly rendered by great Saraswat singers like Pandit Upendra Bhat-maam and Shri Puttur Pandurang Nayak-maam.

Ananth-maam’s magnificent works includes a Konkani translation of Shri Ramcharita Maanas in the same rhythmand context as the orignal composition in Brijbhaasha hindi.

Radio Idli will continue to bring more content regarding Bhatmaam, while we offer this post with due respect towards his greatness which he expresses with divine humbleness.


Nagesh Pai

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  1. K.Anant Bhat’s Konkani writings are sweet and prosaic. Sangeet-roopak, Prasakavita, Translations, Katha-roopi-kavan, Bhavageet & Bhaktigeet – he has carved own niche in all these branches enriching our mother tongue. Compilers of Konkani text books should incorporate selected poems of Anant Bhat to do justice to our language.

    Jai Konkani, Jai Samaj !
    Payyanur Ramesh Pai

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