Saraswat Spielberg – Krishna Shenoi – 15 years young!


Report by – Shri Ramesh Pai | UAE | 18 OCT 2008

Krishna Shenoi

Meet Krishna Shenoi – a 15 years old genius amongst GSB child prodigies – he is on the threshold of teenage.  He is studying in the Millennium School, Dubai. He has a younger sister Susmita who is an 8th gr

ade student of the same school. They are the lovely kids of Mr. Bala Shenoi & Mrs. Sandhya Shenoi.
Krishna is a multifaceted personality. He has a good number of hobbies – videography, photography, swimming, drawing, painting and story writing.

And none of this is with compromising on the regular studies. He is at ease in all these pastimes. He has even named his amateur film production venture as “Shenoi Pictures” with a nice emblem/logo as well. His web site channels the broadcast of his short films.

His self introduction is well presented in the following web link :

Some more short video movies can be accessed thru ‘Videos’ folder in the above link. He has a good collection of India’s funniest music videos.

Krishna says : “I’m just an everyday kid with three exceptions — I draw well, I write well, and I make movies”.

He has won several prizes in painting, drawing and story writing. Not only in the school but also in contests and events held outside. His short movie clips of ‘Twins fight’ and ‘Chair drive’ are funny. During the making of the ‘Giant Visual’, Krishna spent over five hours for a perfect audio-visual end product lasting just 15 seconds.

Click the images below for larger view in slideshow

Painting of Desert storm
Rewarding momentsAnother Masterpiece by KrishnaPrize winning story published in newspaper

That shows his dedicated and researched homework in the movie making, indicating that he is really serious with the art and not a simple ‘time pass’ approach. His recent addition is a song on Indian Independence Day.

Krishna’s creative genius can be glanced thru a footage in the form of a short video of 6 minutes published in the following link :

Indeed a real example of how a hobby can be turned into a talent, and observe how one develops into a genius. His mother Sandhya too draws and paints well. A talented mother, she has inspired her daughter Susmita, who too paints well. The drawing room of their home in Sharjah (UAE) is itself a good gallery with a collection of pictures drawn by all the three.

Krishna’s father, Bala Shenoy, runs an export business in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. His Company has a cute name – SUKISABA (Su for daughter Susmita, Ki for son Krishna, Sa for wife Sandhya, and Ba for own name Bala !) Hailing from Ernakulam in Kerala, Shenoi family has chosen to settle down in Bangalore.
Keep it up Krishna, we are proud of you ! Our hearty congratulations on your efforts and best wishes for your good future. May God Bless you and your entire family.

-          Payyanur Ramesh Pai


  1. I would have captioned the article as “Saraswat Spielberg – Krishna Shenoi – 85 years young!” as I wish that a young genius should live the full life span of 100 years. As such he is 85 years young.

  2. Wow! Congrats for your great news! esp. ur talented Krishna.
    Wishing him a very Happy Belated birthday from all of us!

  3. Hey Krishna

    got to your website through roger ebert’s journal. Awesome trailer of inception. Keep it up.

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