Konkani Poem – A classic recording of Kochi Ananth Bhat

Sri.Anantha Bhat’s journey started with the Konkani broadcasts from Akashvani Dharwad, Mangalore, Panaji, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram and Alappuzha centers. His poems and songs have been set to tune and sung by various singers across the country. His first published book (1976) is a biography of Sant Tulasidas in Konkani..
His lyrics were cast in the Konkanil film ‘Tapaswini’ in 1980. He has translated Hindi bhajans of Surdas into Konkani (1979), and his Konkani translation of Sriramcharitamanas won him the Kendra Sahitya Akademi’s translation award in 2006.
While we read more about Bhatmaam, here is the golden recording of his poetic narration. He narates a poem with a fable of the cunning fox that gives us a moral to be watchful of the mean world and grow over it.

Konkani Poem – Shri Ananth Bhat

His anthologies containing 11 ballets (Sangeet Roopak), 51 poems (Harve Paan Ani Pikalle Paan) and 101 songs (Geet Mala) should find a place in the home libraries of every one of us. A retired banker, Anantha Bhat continues writing at the age of 71 as well.  For those who have heard his devotional lyrics, here we have a story in the form of a poem (Katharoopi Kavan), read out in the poet’s voice itself 16 years ago. Writings like this richly elevates the genre of children’s literature in Konkani, and richly deserves to be included in Konkani text books in schools.

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