Sunil Kamath’s jingle ‘Rocks On’

The magical voice of Sunil Kamath, from Mumbai is not new to regular listeners of Radio Idli. This time around Sunil shares with us a successful step in his musical aspirations – two jingles which he recorded and which went live for MTV. Sunil’s high pitched melodious voice with its groovy texture comes out amazingly in the jingles which are featured here with its accompanying video. Here is wishing Sunil, many more recordings and larger success in the music world.

More performances of Sunil Kamath on Radio Idli


  1. Archu – The home coming will be complete only with your melody.. with which Radio Idli started. Also of your Father! come on! Bring back the lovely days.

  2. Dear Manohar Maam, Thanks for leaving behind your kind comments. Sunil is an upcoming artist, and as you may have already heard of him, he is gifted. Will be a dream come true for all of us to see him seek higher opportunities, with due blessings from industry experts and samaaj members like you.

    We will convey your message at the earliest to Sunil, and hope that he gets a mutually beneficial opportunity with you.


  3. hi sunil…very good to hear your voice …. hope we both work together in the future projects …. great man cheers……

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