Double Delight from Amit Savkur

Amit Savkur, one of the most heard and celebrated artists featured on Radio Idli, shares with us two of his latest studio recordings. Hear it right here, before the world does. Exclusive for your delightful ears only!

For those who are new here, Amit is a young and eligible 😉 technology professional with a gifted voice. Residing in Mumbai, Amit has performed for many stage events, and lent his voice for award winning films like Evdha Sa Abhaal. Some of his unplugged recordings like “Ay Zindagi Gale Lagaale”  here on Radio Idli, with only his guitar strums are amazing and out of the world.

We hope to hear more of Amit here.. As we present here two of his great performances:

1) Song # 1 – Kal Ho Na Ho.

Kal Ho Na Ho | Music Codes

Song # 2:

Kahin To Hogi Wo | Music Codes


  1. Very pleasant voice you have,Amit; I can easily picture it on the movies as it has been mentioned. Keep it up and may you always be blessed on that.

  2. loved your songs…..
    you are blessed with a really good voice..!!
    post more songs…
    there’s this song from the latest movie “I HATE LUV STORYS”…the song goes…”bin tere…”
    i feel ur voice will compliment this song really well..

  3. Hello Amit,
    I have always been a die hard fan of urs since radio idli started (2007?) It was a treat listening to u. Best thing about this song is u have not copied Shankar Mahadevan or Sonu Nigam. It was Amit Savkur all the way. Keep it up buddy. U rock as always. Dev bare koro.

    Sangeeta Shenoy.

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