Special Talents – Special Edition

I am creating this special post for my pick of the week. For long i had heard about the prodigal talent of Praveen Shirali from Pune from my trusted sources, who had shown his dexterity on Keyboard since the age of 4!! When he reached college he found his chemistry with the guitar and he learnt the instrument all by himself.

It was very nice of Praveen to readily share his works with me for publishing..So here we have the divine guitars of Praveen

Praveen Shirali on Guitars

Track 1>> Drumbeats and rhythms generated by a software, Praveen blends 2 layers of acoustic guitar played by him in this amazing track



Track 2>> This one is a blend of a backing track with 3 layers of guitar played by Praveen.



Narayan Kamath
– The voice machine from New jersey

Ananth Joisa takes pleasure in submitting his friend’s contribution. The uniqueness of this track is that everything that you hear in this jazzy composition is Narayan’s voice!!! We would expect more contributions of him in the future!

Michael Jackson – …




  1. Wow just listened to Radio Idli part 6…. and wat can I say… me fidaaaaaaaaaa….. Praveen amazing….. here’s one of ur fans… definitely…. and u learnt to play the guitar by yourself??? wow again…..

    Lokabhiraam sounds funnier.. kya observation hai…. this entire edition is just too good….

    And wats more… I’m sure its gonna keep getting better…. Waiting for more of chutney chat too

  2. Praveen, Awesome guitaring…. I hope we keep getting submissions from u in every edition.

    Good work, keep it up!!!

  3. praveen

    now with this kind of music,i would wonder why does one need a band?! 🙂

    sweet child of mine is tooooooooooooooooo sweet 🙂

    learn drums too man.. then you are a one man band…

  4. @ Padmanabh!

    🙂 my RJ talk will be back soon! for this edition i have my song 😀 with the stalwarts!

  5. Hey People, its been quite a while since I listened to radio idli.. I just did today and I am aw stricken.. This is amazing stuff, amazing talent and this inspires me to share some of my work.. I guess you could expect a few in the coming weeks and I would try my best to keep it consistent.. I must say a great work done by everyone who has participated and supported radio idli, and a greater work done by you Nagu, to get this kinda concept out to the world.. Amchis rock!!! \m/

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