6th Sense – 6th edition of Love

Valentine’s day has gone past.. but Love is still in the air with some great Romantic songs. WE have some great contributions from absolutely new artists who we havent heard in the previous weeks. We will see in this edition Romance in various flavours and expressions!.. Here we go
Romance in waiting!
I would like to begin with a song i wanted to sing for sometime.. which speaks of Romance in search of the “one” in your life. (Relax!! i have found mine for sure.. this is a song dedicated for those who are still googling for their beloved :-))



Romance – Ah! the feeling

Star of Radio Idli, Amit Savkur through the magic of his voice weaves the experience of how it feels to be in love. He presents .. Aisa Lagta hai from the movie Refugee.

aisa lagta hai.mp3


Romance speaks different languages

Over a 1000 GSBs have been interacting with Her and each other through Konkani Buddies Yahoo group. I take the pleasure of presenting her recording sent through a unique way… Yahoo Messenger Voice Mail!!

Sangeeta Shenoy, sings a Kannada song to her Valentine and to the pleasure of our hearing!!



Sporting Romance..

Prathamesh “Pat” Kini, the soccerboy of mumbai sings well too! He announces that he has chosen someone! ( dil ne tumko chun liya hai)

suno na.mp3


A special post on remarkable talents showcased new this week, which i hope will be a regular feature. 

Till then Love one and All!!!

Stay beautiful!

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  1. aisa lagta hai from amit is awesome. of course undoubtedly he is the star of radio idli. liked mitwaa by nagesh and suno na by pratham too. well.. thanks for all those words of glorified introduction for my kannada song ‘nee amrithadhaare’. thanks a lot radio idli team.
    sangeeta shenoy. moderator.

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