Chutney Chat – Talk Show – The begining of the season

Sankalp Nayak Starts the much awaited Chutney Chat ….. wherein he does what he does best …take the ground off people’s feet with his uncanny chattery questions in his never heard before Golden voice.

His cheeky laughter keeps his talk show guests captive and prevents them from thinking any further..

Catch sankalp and his first victims in the first episode of Chhhutneeeeey Chaat

Chutney chat one.m…


  1. That was indeed an interesting way to begin the Chutney Chat-Talk Show today…Although i don’t know any of these guys personally, i saw myself developing some sort of a bond with them…i guess that is called ‘social instinct/behaviour’ in human beings…I heartily wish the couple as well as the host very many happy moments to come in the future…Was good to know how the concepts of ‘IDLI HOUSE COUNCIL’ and “RADIO IDLI’ came into being and the purpose behind them is really worth appreciation. “HAVE FUN AND SPREAD IT TO EVERY LIFE UNDER THE SUN”

  2. @ Ashwin ….WE can have that with your interview .. Sankalp please note.

    @reshma .. thanks so much 🙂 we are all waiting for your voice and Atharva’s voice again!!

  3. hey nagu.. thats was nice.. you had sanky dumbstruck right upfront(female names for tom dick and harry?? 😕 =)) )

    @sanky… never miss and opportunity for pouncing huh?? 😛

    hey maybe you could come up with a “punch line” in the beginning(for a ‘hi’) or at the end(for a ‘bye’)

    i had a lot of fun just listening to you three, so i can only imagine how much fun you all had while recording 🙂

  4. thanx paddy, reshma and ashiwin..

    hey ashiwin …. how abt next sunday dude …. so really rapid fire 🙂

  5. @Sankalp
    Yups dude.. Rapidly ready for the Rapid Fire…
    Mereko mushkil mein mat daalna nahin toh Aag lagaadonga. BTW, I guess that also follows with the surprise hamper too.
    But not this Sunday. I am out of Mumbai. May be some other weekend. 😉

    BTW, please spell me right.. it’s Ashwin

  6. Nice to hear u both, Nagesh and Sankalp.. m sorry i couldnt hear the full thing, the streaming was too slow and m here in office 🙁 but it was nice.. the casual & spontaneous chat..

    RadioIdli is getting Simply Outstanding !! 🙂

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