Chaari Shabda.. Charriche Hafto! (4 words on the 4th week)

Editor’s Babble
Hello everyone!! Hope you all had a great week. I am sure its gonna be a good week for the contributors with their voices being heard.

To help each of us make our weeks better, Ashwin has written a great guide on how to use free softwares like Audacity. My RJ talk today babbles about the same 🙂 and shows its (side)effects.

nile nile.mp3

Sunny Talk
For the first time, we have a great commentary talk on Humility, citing some good examples by Sooraj Kamath (Sunnyboy). It was submitted originally for the republic day special. But i must apologize of having misplaced the link.. Anyways.. here he is now to enrich you all with a readout of his self-written work!


Song of the week!
Sachin presents a very nice song in his cool voice, duly recorded by Ananth Joisa who has yet again escaped from sending his own voice. I am sure after hearing Sachin’s voice we will ask him to record more of his songs, and not let Ananth get away without lending his voice too 🙂

Mujhe Raat Din.mp3

Archana’s Nightingale Lore
Archana never lets her fans down. Here she comes with yet another marvellous song in her melodious voice.

Hum Dil dechuke Sa…

HORN- (kara)OK(e)- Please — Sanat Prabhu
Sanath continues his consistent contribution in his area of specialization.. Karaoke numbers. Another good recording by Sanat!!

kal ho na ho.mp3

Sunny song
Sooraj Kamath presents the romance in his voice through yet another great contribution…

tere bin-mp3.mp3

The editorial team is working on some branded programme ideas which will be branded with the contributors name who will do something unique week over week… maybe jokes… maybe mimicry… If you have any creative ideas on this do write back at

Stay tuned.. and Stay beautiful 🙂


  1. great singing by all the contributors…Archana’s voice is well trained.keep up the gud wrk radio idli!!!!!

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