The Southern Samba(r)

Hi Guys,

After a nice rest last week, Southern Samba(r) is back again.. But not with much to offer. The veterans seemed to have gone missing.. Where’s the DJ? Where’s the quizmaster? Exam fever? Work Overload? Maybe I ll request Inspector Lokabhiraaman ( for those who dont know, he is the southern version of Lokabhiraam ; ) , perhaps bachpan mein Kumbh ke mele mein kho gaye the 😛 ) to organize for a search squad for these ‘Pooof’ed heroes.

However the show shall continue..

Sunny switches on the romantic button again..

It’s nice to get romantic every now and then.. Arre Hindi se bore ho gaye, to angrezi hi sahi.. Yenu heluttira? 😉 Sooraj sings his heart out in the Glen Medioros all time hit..

Nothing’s gonna ch…

Nitin Prabhu too catches the love in the air

Aila.. Nitin Prabu bhi romantic ho gaya?? Is something or perhaps SOMEONE raiding the hearts of South India.. To find out I listened to Nitin’s song.. But he too has no clue.. or perhaps he is playing safe, by not mentioning any name ;). Check out yourselves !!!

kyon hawa3.mp3

Veena sets the mood right
“Enough of Romance guys.. Thodechi Devaale dikkaana dhyaan diyanchi. Migele tukoonu sheeka ” says Veena 😉

bhakta hrudayant v…

That’s all we have for this week… Till then.. Chao !


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