Mamamale Kaani – Grandma’s Lullaby

Konkani Seethakalyan Lullaby by Smt. Nirupama Pandurang Shenoy.

Sitting at our desktops, far away from the lap of our mother, or even the loving care of our grandma, Don’t we wish that we get to hear that soothing lullaby once more?

Ananth Joisa’s Grandma Smt. Nirupama Shenoy, blesses us with that rare privilege by gracing us as our Seniormost artist. At her strong 73rd year, She has had the privilege of singing this lullaby to 25 of her children/grandchildren over the years.

The lullaby of Seethakalyan, an episode from the Holy Ramayana, speaks about how religious values begin from the hand that rocks our cradles, or should i say.. the voice that sings the lullaby :-).. now thats the beauty of our GSB culture!

More glories straight from the song:



  1. Too good and at this age memory is fantastic!

    there is similar lke this on krishna kalinga vardhana and parvati -ganapati

    Pravin Da

  2. Mamama, Atta makka kalle, woh Joisa he namoone ullayta kassaleka munu :-).

    First class jalle. Ayache Kalche cherduvanka Ramu ani Seeta kona munu surveka sanguka. Ekayi Abhishek Bachchan ani Aishwarya, Ramu and Sita munu lektachi tanni.

    Mukarsunu thummi thodi amchigeli gyadyo, cherduvale padya poora amka aykuche tasshi korka.

    Devu tumka deergha aaysha, changa arogya divvo munu ammi prarthana kartachi.

  3. Mamama,

    Tumka megelo saashtangu namaskaru. Aykonu mastu khushi jallo.Asshichi tumgele Sampoorna Ramayana,Mahabharatha……. aykoka monu bhaari aashi jalla.

    Really appreciate your memory power at this age. Just awesome!! The rhythm and the rhymes were too good. Simply superb.

    Rammohan mamma’n saangile vari devu tumka dheerghaayushya, chaang aarogya divvo monu ammi prarthana kartachi.

    Ananth, thanks a lot to you for giving us an opportunity to listen to your mamama’s talent which is rare to find. Hope to listen more from mamama..

    – Sachin

  4. Hey Ananth anna, Plz pass on this msg to mamama, re.

    It was a pleasure to listen to mamama. The lullaby was so soothing!

    Mamama, anikai assa jallyari, plz record kornu dee …amka aikucha bhari layak jalle!!

  5. Tears welled up in my eyes when i heard mamama narrating seetakalyan this sweetly even at this age!! Reminded me of both my grandmas who are no more…they used to teach me many short songs in konkani which i partially remember, but the mmemories will be everlasting!! AJ…thanks a ton for setting a significant landmark today on this blog! Wish i could hug you mamama…

  6. mogachi mamama,

    shata koti pranam karta tumka..tumgelle padantu makka migelli mamama dissunu ayali..tasachi aajike yain padya migelle amma sangta..salpo lines visarlalli tee…tumgelle nimmati udgas jalle…

  7. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… reminds me on my grandma too ! she once told me ramayana in this similar form.. i can vaguely recollect…. but watever, i liked this section of urs..a lot.

  8. Mammama bhari layak jalla. hanve ye surveka boronu dovornu hanveyi abhyasu karta monuka.

    Tumka masta danyavadu.

  9. Mammama,
    Very nice…thanks for preserving this for posterity. Thanks to Radio Idli for making it happen.Shruti (Heard ones) and Smriti (Remembered ones) have now taken shape of Lipi (Written one)…

  10. Mammama,

    Very nice. Shruti (Hard ones) and Smriti (Remembered ones) now took shape of Lipi (Written ones). Thanks to Radio Idli and Mammama for preserving this for posterity.
    Let more of this sorts come forward…

  11. common.i was looking for this song all over the net and was so excited to find it finally.
    unfortunately neither the song is playing or am i able to download the file 🙁
    please can somebody fix this issue soon so i am able to reminisce my childhood days.
    no comments since 2007 is pretty surprising.
    neat site.i’m impressed.cheers!

  12. Hey Mr.Wanderer

    Sorry to disappoint you. The person who contributed it and has copyright to it has stopped our access to the song. Repeated attempt to contact the person have been fruitless.

    Sorry once again for the disappointment caused

    Team Radio Idli

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