Sweet 16 edition!

At our Sweet sixteen, Radio Idli stays young and vibrant as ever with great showcase of talent and good participation. This edition comes loaded with lots of music as ever.

We begin with the speciality of the issue, an Innovation by Vivek as he records a duet with Archana over a phone call!! Hats off to Vivek and his great efforts that keeps the spirit of Radio Idli of being able to sing together regardless of distance!

Vivek and Archana

Pal Pal_archu_vive…

Hats off to Vivek for the great effort and idea! Do i see more of you getting ideas of a telephone-band??



After the phone call its time for Archana to sing one of my alltime favorites. I am sure there will be many more who like this song! I am glad that she picked this song almost when i was about to give her a farmaish :-).

So here we go.. Pyaar hua chupke se by Archana!

Pyaar hua chupke s…


Dinesh Kamath!

After seeing the first two songs by Daughter Archana, Dineshmaam picks up the microphone and proclaims….. Geet Gaata Hoon Main!!

Geet gata hoon mai…

Silken Voice Reshma

Reshma has been giving her wonderful contribution as a very strong support to our Radio Idli initiative. She has been generous enough to even share lullabies that she sings to her son Atharva, our youngest singer!

Reshma sings another great song for us today!



Ashwin Kamath

Sings his heart out to his “Kali” .. Hopefully she turns out to be Anarkali and not Chipkali :-P.. But hearing his wonderful voice, every Kali would like to “Chipko” to Ashwin!! Amen for Ashwin 🙂

Raat Kali ek Khwab…


My personal apologies to Radhika for being unable to upload her song, which will feature on top in the next weeks edition!

Till then.. All of you . have a great weekend! Stay tuned .. fine tuned and Stay Sixteen 🙂 Beautiful!

Dont forget to check the Arti Video special below!


  1. Dinesh Kamath maam…i simply loved the way u sang this song 🙂
    Vivek and Archana, that was really creative. Archana, for the solo, this song, i felt, needs more emotion along with the excellent voice/singing method you have…just a frank feedback…you have great talent and hope you take this positively. Itz meant in good faith-I know you will go a long way.
    Ashwin, you seem to be getting better and better with time…keep it up pal!
    Nagesh, thanks for those wonderful words about me. I hope to contribute more :). Wherez your song this week btw…your last week’s contribution was by far the best you have sung so far!!!

  2. Dinesh-Maam, Awesome rendition of Geeta Gaata Hoon Mein. One of my favourite songs.

    Keep going.

  3. Sweet sixteen is really sweet!! Archana’s song “dil ne kaha” was amaziiiing. n so was Dinesh maam’s song.Waiting to hear more from Archana n Dinesh maam.

    Ashwin’s song was nice too..At the end, in da background… I heard the cooker go shhhhhhhhhhh..which was the most funniest.
    But all in all a great edition. Btw, Lokmaam..where are u?


  4. yeah purnima ..very good observation..that was my mom st(r)eaminhg hot…hehehehe

  5. Great Singing Folks!!! Each one of you.

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