The 24th Edition

Hi all,

First of all lemme begin by congratulating that our beloved Chief Editor Nagesh Pai and his wife Varsha Pai ( no longer – “soon to be Pai” 😉 ) on their marriage, on behalf of the whole of Radio Idli.

Where as I am expressing this in simple words, someone else wants to do it in better style.
Archana dedicates a lovely romantic song to the newly married couple..


Jab koi arch1_new….

Thanks Archu, I am sure Nagesh and Varsha will cherish it for lifetime.


This seems to be a week of the nightingales. This one is from Bhavya Prabhu of Mangalore, The Princess of Melodies..

Bole re Papi Hara….

After the two oriental Nightingales, comes the turn of the Nightingale from the west. Reshma sings out a Basavanna’s Vachana. Basavanna was a popular 12th century poet and a spiritual leader from Bijapur, Karnataka, also known to be the originator of Lingayatism.. His Vachanas were simple poems aimed at teaching the public with moral values. Is this Vachana, Basavanna requests his God “Kudalasangama Deva” to treat his own body as a temple, as he does not have the riches to construct a temple for worship like the wealthy do !


Ullavaru Shivaalay…

Some male touch to the edition too ! Sooraj tries out a Yesudas special..


Jab Deep Jale Aana…

And to finish it all, the Prabhu brothers Ashwin and Nitin with a Bhajana, Nitin with the voice, Ashwin with the taal..


That’s all we have for this edition. Have a great weekend and the week ahead !



  1. Thanks a lot everyone for your wishes!!!

    Thanks Sunny for keeping the radio pulse high!

    Varsha and Nagesh

  2. Nitin and Aswin make a good team.

    They just need to turn-up the volume of recording as the voice is very low.

  3. i realise its been a long time since these links wer posted, but i keep getting broken link… why can’t i hear the songs??? :(( :(( :((

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