One year of S(t)reaming Saraswat Talents!

Listeners dearest!

Its been one year since we started the Radio Idli initiatives. Sailing through its own ups and downs, we seem to have fared satisfactorily in making the community across the world aware of the rich talents we have within us!

The journey gets more interesting every moment, and here we are back with the stars of Radio Idli!

1) Sanat Prabhu

After brewing so much of Kaapi for us and “interviewing” the stars, Sanat is back to one more thing he is too good with — Karaoke Singing!

He shares with us a song from the movie jab we met. I am sure Kareena would love to turn Kareena Prabhu after hearing this!..

Naa hai yeh … (j…


2) Mora sainyan – Bhavya Prabhu

Exactly a year after Amit Savkur made his debut on our site with the same song, Bhavya features an unplugged version of the same song. Thanks to Sooraj Kamath, our southern scout 🙂 for bringing this song to us.

fuzon 1.mp3

3) DJ Deepak Nayak

DJ Deepak steps aside from his turntables and sings unplugged a soothing Ghazal. Its a great pleasure to see our star in video for the first time!


Coming up soon: Some great content from our Saraswat Brethern in the Middle East!


In our second year we will continue our endeavor to host the best talents from our community. Kindly shower your talents, blessings and wishes on us to make this journey pleasurable as ever!

Stay Tuned and Stay Ever Beautiful!

Team Radio Idli and nagesh.


  1. One more beautiful episode by you guys…

    Sanat really good karaoke… your voice really suits the song…

    Bhsvya… Again one of my favorite songs.. nice to hear it in your voice

    Deepak… such a nice voice… sounded really nice..

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