The 22nd Edition

Hello there !

Hope you guys had a great weekend. To start the new week on a good note, Sunnyboy presents to you the 22nd edition of Radio Idli.

Now, if you are wondering why me and not Nagesh, lemme tell ya, this is a temporary arrangement for next one month, as Nagesh will be busy going through the wedding preparations, formalities and processes.


Savkur times are back again. Those who enjoyed his “Suhaani Raat Dhal Chuki” will continue to remian engrossed in his late night melodies with “Phir wohi raat hai..”

Phir Wohi Raat Hai…


“Variety is the spice of life”. And if anyone has presented variety to Radio Idli, it is none other than Archana Kamath herself. From the vocal cords hiding behind her 150 Watt smile, Archu presents the item number from Guru..


mayya archemp3.mp3


Can even voice and singing be hereditary? If you find this tough to believe, you gotta change your thinking now. Suresh Kamath, Archu’s uncle (mhantu) proves it. Tell you what – If Akbar the Great was living in the 21st century, 3 of his 9 gems would have come from Archu’s family 😉

Yeh dil na hota su…


There is something special to the name Sanat. Be it the Jayasuriya from the neighbouring island or apna RI waala Sanat, both are good at hitting the big ones. Sanat retains the Karaoke pole position with a Lucky Ali superhit.





We all have those small dreams and wishes we carried in our minds as kids. The elite few go on to live them. Reshma reminds us of those fiary tale dreams through a beautiful song from Roja. The question is.. Can we live them? My answer would be – YES ! If we BELIEVE, we CAN !


Well, thats all for now. I have a lot of entries stacked up in the queue. But let me hold them back, so that you can enjoy these ones. Be Right Back !!!



  1. @Suresh – Yeh Dil
    It was sung by Kishore but for a moment I thought it was Hemant Kumar singing this song.

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