Suniye Suniye.. Announcement !!!

Talk about making it big, someone among us is right there on the path..

Amit has sung in a Marathi movie Evdhasa Aabhaal, which got released on June 1st . The song is titled Nadi Hi Vaahat and is already making news by winning the hearts of people.

Please join me in wishing Amit Savkur the very best in making to the biggest in his singing career !!!


PS: Song will be loaded soon :-). As for now, please digest this good news, as I have.


  1. Hey thats ultra kool… All the best Amit… Hope u reach great heights… You def have all the support of us RI listeners…

  2. Congratulations amit, well I have been listening ur songs, all of them are really really good.

    Well deserved break..!!

    Finally we have filmy singer, amongst us..!!

    -AJ… 🙂

  4. hey one good news to all

    the movie that amit has sung in Evdhasa abhaal is also produced and directed by an amchi “Bipin Nadkarni” and his company “Opticus films”

    His last venture was marathi movie “Uttarayan” which swept the Zee Gaurav awards a coiuple of years ago. In addition to that the film won rave reviews as well as several awards in film festivals the world over.

    The main star in Evdhasa Abhaal “Hritwik Nadkarni” is also an amchi and is the son of Bipin.

    I think we should have a feature on this family of achievers from Talmakiwadi

  5. I was expecting such a wonderful news.. With the kind voice that Amit has got I am sure he will get many such opportunities.

    Congratulations Amit Well done…

  6. Guess what.. Amit had even sung in Uttarayan.. but unfortunately the song did not picturize in the movie 🙁

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