The 23rd Edition

Hallo Guys…

After a series of late RI editions, I am up early this time, to provide some music to your ears..

This contribution needs a special mention. But I have no words to describe it. Simply put – Classy, Rich, Soothing and Ecstatic.
Satish Pai from Mumbai gives a public performance, and I present to you the audio clip of this Bhajan..


Whether it is of concern to them, or it is none of their business, People keep gossiping and commenting. But should one really care?
Do not be surprised, as it is yet another Kishore Kumar special from the Sunnyboy..

Kuch to log kaheng

Amongst many Stotras recited in GSB household is Shri Vayustuthi. The Golden composition with its soothing effect relieves all the tension and paves way for a serene and spiritual effect across the Vastu. Ashwin Kamath brings a unique effect through the introduction of Tanpura


The Nightingale chirps again.. But Who is this Deewana ladka? She claims “paas main jitni jaaoon, woh utni door hi jaaye“. To finally pakda kaise? The answer lies somewhere in the distant land of The United States of America.. 😉

Is Deewane Ladke K…

There’s more to come right away. Keep your eyes open for a new series of episodes of a GSB Konkani drama by the “Young Guns” of Bhatkal. So don’t go away. Just scroll above. Till next week, bye bye from..



  1. Meghana and Deepak..that was wonderful!! My mind wandered into a different world listening to this..
    Satish..great performance. I love to listen to bhajans..Wish there was a way to avoid the background disturbance
    Sunny, after all that post mortem the other day, i would say that this is indeed the best one you have sung so far….u do have your own style and it sounded really good today 🙂
    Ashwin…you know, you reminded me of the bhajans we used to have in our apt. every friday and all the aunties used to sing this stuti…i really enjoyed it.
    RJ Sunnyboy, you put a lot of effort into planning whatever you undertake. I appreciate that:)

  2. Hi Reshma.. thanks for both the comliments.. 🙂 really encouraging.. i admire ur patience to listen to my song a whole second time 🙂

    Yeah, i do put in effort into planning whatever i undertake.. coz i believe it is this effort which makes an otherwise dull life very fun filled 🙂 I hope everyone is enjoying it..

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