Rang De Basanti..

Dear all,

It’s my pleasure to introduce a new Saraswat Konkani drama named “Rang De Basanti“. This group of artists, who call themselves “The Young Guns” hail from Bhatkal town of North Canara district of Karnataka.

Bhatkal has been one of the worst communal riot affected areas, this group of enterprising amchis spread the message of peace in our community through Konkani drama.

Radio Idli specially thanks Amit Kamath (amitnc@gmail.com) who took the efforts of getting the videos uploaded and shared with the rest of the Saraswat world through Radio Idli.

Since this drama is lengthy, it will be presented in a series of episodes.

Everything nice begins with a great trailer!! For the introduction episode, please click on Introduction.

For the first episode, please click on Episode1.

I am sure all of you shall enjoy it thoroughly. Keep tuned in for further episodes on the one and only RADIO IDLI..



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