26th edition – Amit Savkur’s movie soundtrack release

Hello Friends!

Hope all of you had a nice week.. After a lull we have some great content this week. This week we have sounds from Mumbai, Pune, bangalore, mangalore!

Amit Savkur, our star singer shares with us a song from his recent release – Sound track of Marathi Movie “Evdha Sa Abhaal”

Personally, i have been waiting to hear this when i came to know that his film was cleared for release!!

Nadee Hee Waahat W…


This week we have some western delight with DJ Deepak Nayak’s compilation and a wonderful Video of Praveen Shirali (crowned as ‘Guitar God’ by one of the fans on Radio Idli, who may be among the first to comment here 🙂 )

Here we go with Deepak’s composition:

DJ Deepak – To Phi…

Video of the week!

Pravin Shirali plays for us a pink floyd number – Comfortably numb..


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Stay tuned .. stay beautiful!


  1. Wow three radio idli stars returning after a loooooong time.. I have admitted this before and I’ll say it again I am a fan of all these three peoples’ music.. Hope we don’t have to wait for so long to hear them again on RI.

  2. Congratulations to Amit, Deepak and Praveen on posting such great quality performances.

    They have posted what they are best at!

    Their performance should encourage each of us to be bold in posting our talent on this medium!

  3. very well done amit…we r proud of you…am sure this song will top the charts!! good luck..
    am very excited to hear to pravin n deepak after a long time!!

  4. Hey thanks a lot all of you!! Amit and Praveen, you guys have just made this post a memorable one.. Amazing is not the word.. Fentabulous probably!! 🙂

    Keep the good work guys.. Keep rocking,

    coz “Its all about music, and it always will be!!”

  5. Amit Savkur you are great!!! I have been introduced to your great performances by one of your big fan and great friend. I would like to meet you personally someday to take your autograph. Good Luck for your present and future assignments 🙂

  6. hariom namaskaaru,haanva gurudas bhat,magalo gaanva kumta,raabche bangaluru,malleshwaram,18th cross,purohit kaamaaka mhonu 10 june ka uae
    [dubai}} aayilo,5th july ka parat bangaluru vachche,tanmadhye karamaantu uae aamchigele samaaj hayaa samsthe taphene jaavcho saamaajika aani saamskritika kaaryakramu internettaaree lokaaleen ummedi aani tayyaaaree polovnu,bhaaree kushshaala,aanandu,utsaahu, distaan devu tumkaaan sarvaanka kennaayi aasheechi utsaahu,ummedi,deevon,aani saamaajaacho chaanga naava haadaishi jaaanvon mhonu paramaatmaa laaggi maaggonu ghettaan hariom,,

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