The First Contribution!!!

NOTE: Please Check the “STEAM HOT IDLI” post below first. :-)”

Welcome to the first weekly edition of Radio Idli posting. With more entries coming from each of our correspondents and singers, i hope this frequency will increase till we will be forced to buy a broadcast frequency and a transmitter 🙂

From the initiator of our band comes a mark of his talent.. A great song for all of us.. … Vivek ko kuch… Kehna hai.. to suniye….(Please click the play button or the song name on the widget image link below.

kehna hai.mp3

Ashwin Kini Sings his heart out as he works on a marvellous career guiding presentation on the field of IT. Among the foremost contributors to IHC Vision 2007, Ashwin presents… (drum roll).. Lakshya…

Ashwin’s comments:
Sung by me (Ashwin). Please do not go on the quality. I just blame the software for in case of any critisism with the clarity and quality 😉 So just go ahead and have a feel of the original song… Time to start the VISION 2007.



The much awaited Nightingale of GSB commune renders her soothing voice to Radio Idli… live and exclusive.. presenting.. Archana Kamath – “Kabhi Alvida Na kehna”..


Our first overseas post.. WE have a voice from the United States of Shradha Nayak! Her sweet voice was a pleasant surprise!! I am sure it would surprise you too as she sings.. its a beautiful life..



  1. Cool song.. Nice voice too 🙂
    Congrats for the official first song.. of course after the intro.. that was fabulous too.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. hey that’s something new n amazing!!! Intro by Nagesh Pai was too good..ekdum RJ style…

    keep up the good work.

    Cheerz, Purni.

  3. good good… really good…
    keep uploading good songs… and try to put some amchi songs if possible…;)

  4. Hey all… really good singing talents… Well hope to hear more soon… gr8 initiative guys…

  5. Hey i have heard ur voice b4 i never knew that ur voice is as sweet as thatt in the song….wats kooking HMMMMmmm…?? will ask u the next time …..


  6. Wow!! I am so impressed with Shradha’s song. She sounds very professional. I never knew she had such a great talent. I hope she posts more songs!


  7. Btw the prev. msg was by my colleague here in Pittsburgh. She dint have a Google account and so I had to sing up .. Dont think i Praised myself 😉

    She loved the idea of having such a blog.. !

    – Shradha

  8. @Archana,

    Thanks for ur compliments.. But i think u sang *Amazingly* well. You were Fantastic. You have a great Voice!


  9. One more saturday comes.. an dI am waiting fr the next edition!!!!

    Keep singing for the Radio Idli!!!!

  10. Hey all.. My last week’s song Lakshya, was just a jhalak of my voice. Please check this week. Me with my 5 voices :-p
    Well had save all my energy for my this week’s two songs.
    Anyways guys, please enjoy and do comment.

  11. i book marked this page. Coolest thing to have happened on the internet. kudos to all the singers and nagesh.

  12. have a BEAUTIFUL voice….It sounds so very melodious even without any background music. All the best Archana.

  13. Hey Bactiria…!!!! YOU..singing song…..Aila.!!!!!:O)..bada tugele voice nave te…?
    Supper voice go..never expected you have such a good voice…i heard all your songs…even my boss liked your songs.. Keep it up..

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