Broadcast no. 2 of Radio No. 1

Listeners Dearest!

Welcome to the second issue of Radio Idli. The steam continues with some great contributions this time. With Master of Karaoke – Sanat, from Dombivili, near Mumbai. We also have a great singer in the making….. 2 year old Atharva ….. and the reason behind his talent.. His first teacher.. his Mom, Reshma to whom i convey special thanks.

Our veteran voices of Ashwin Kini, Archana and Vivek will continue to rock the station forever.. (faithfully and hopefully 🙂 )

My personal apologies to archana and her fans. There is a slight delay in her song posting. I tried extracting her voice from the file that she sent. I will try some gimmicks tomorrow and will succeed after i have conquered my sleepy needs past this postmidnight hour 🙂

**********Quick round of last weeks scores************
Beautiful life – Shradha – 27 views
KANK – Archana – 24 views
Lakshya – Ashwin Kini – 26 views
Kehna hai – vivek – 26 Views
Inaugural Speech – Nagesh – 24 views

Before you all smell the fragrance of good music, here are some burnt coffee beans in my intro for the week 🙂
PS.. Recorded on a sleepy midnight with eyes full of sand 😀 so kindly adjust yourself and not the radio tuning 🙂


Among the awaited performances of the week.. Featuring an exclusive premiere… Sanat Prabhu!!! His first works were heard on Orkut in a community named Bindas Konkani, after which there was a lull. We hope that the lull will be broken forever with his active contributions to Radio Idli!! Steam it up with Sanat>>>>>>>

kya mujhe pyaar ha…

Some of the best things that we come across come as big surprises… So does this contribution from Reshma Pai… Rather her two year old!! So please stand up and applaud for the youngest singer of Radio Idli- Atharv Pai!!


If the Child sings so well.. imagine how well his Mom would be singing!! Stop imagining.. Hear her right here.. >>>>>

Mausam ke sargam k…

For a moment i am sure you all would have thought that it was Kavita Krishnamurthy who had submitted the song above using Reshma’s id.. Or was it Reshma who sang the original in Kavita Krishnamurty’s name :-)… Blessed we are indeed with so much of talent in our folds!!

The radio beats continue with a konkani bhajan that i would like to present in response to request from few people. Hope our non-konkani speaking listeners like it too.

Yo Re pora.mp3

Vivek Returns with a great rendering of “Maaeri”. The song was recorded by him during the launch itself when he recorded three songs. His enthusiasm fuelled us to record our own voices too!!

viv_pai_maeri ri.m…

Ashwin Kini has a twin treat for us this week. The first one is a song Duuur (farsighted Vision for 2007) sung originally by “Strings”


Ashwin presents a great innovation… a penta-role (5 voices .. one singer).. Backstreet boys on the front stage… Ashwin original and his other four variants no. 1 2 3 4 sing this song just for you… do hear the whole song with the chorus!!

Ashwin’s comments:

“Something unique about this song… It’s 5 Voices 1 Man. Want to know more? Listen now!
Disclaimer: You are free to laugh your as* out as you listen to it… That’s the fun. But at the same time also please dont mind applauding for once atleast for the hardwork behind it. This needed lot of time and dedication while recording for each singer. Enough care is taken that every voice goes in sync with each other. Rest is only the editing work. Voices are true! Also after several trials even when recordings went off well but unfortunate for the software crashing each time while the recording of each person was finished, and had to be re-done again and again. Just for that matter to make it all clear.
Idea behind it is to convey a message that each one can try out their unique creativity and introduce here on the radio… No matter good or bad, but since hardwork pays, you definitely are going to come out well in future recordings.
Another sole purpose for me to choose this song was… that by the end of the song, (in case you have seen the video) Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson take away all the hugs and kisses. Here it is just Ashwin Kini, Ashwin Kini, Ashwin Kini, Ashwin Kini, Ashwin Kini alone in a Matrix style who would take them all away… I want it that way 😛 Band musicians, come out with the background score and also share the hugs and kisses.. (may be off stage) coz on stage, its still Matrix Ashwin who remains 😛
The last part was just a kidding.
Go ahead.. listen now! Enjoy and keep contributing.”

I Want It That Way…

Hearing Ashwin’s composition, I am tempted to present one of my first recording experiments with Lead, chorus and percussion in my voice. which i dedicate to my sweetheart and fiance Varsha. Aheemmm Ahemmm.. I clear my throat to sing.. STand by me home edition..

Hope you have all enjoyed the posts so far.. If you appreciate the efforts the best way to acknowledge is by contributing your voice too!! write to us at

May the weekend celebrations start!!



  1. Nice RJ Talk NagAnna..

    Wow!!Nicely Sung..

    @Baby Singer,
    Cute Voice..
    Loved it..
    Made me remember my own nephew..

    U sing like a pro..
    Got some training or what??

    Thanks for posting the Konkani Bhajan..
    Ur song was also great..

    Desperately Waiting for the Next Entries..

  2. Cool…clearly the 2 yr kiddo was the show stealer
    And Nagesh, good you do acknowledge the fact that being a GSB is not equal to being/speaking Konkani….as much as we love the language, yeh bhi sach hain

  3. great songs in the second week too.Really well sung by Sanat and Reshma. Whats the name of the child singer? Thrilled to hear London Bridge is falling down (mere bachpan ke din yaad aa gaye :).
    Alongwith the songs, Nagesh Anna ka intro and Bhajan was also gr8.

  4. Sanat..talo popponu thing was gr8..konkani na ulaile laik ashile..
    Reshma’s voice is very nice..i was bit confused if it was her voice or some movie/music video song..amazing voice!

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