The Sound Republic!! .. 26 Jan special steamed serving

Namaskaru Friends!! are you wondering why my voice is not greeting you this time? Well Radio Idli on its 26th Jan edition is already Mouthful, and with such good auditory servings, keeping you waiting for the treat with my lax words will be painful :-D!!

Apart from the fluttering tricolor this issue marks our first professional contribution from Amit Savkur to whom i am utmost grateful! I am also thankful to Samir Halady who introduced me to him!


1) the first Radio Idli Live Album – JAM at Vivek’s House with Radio Idli Jingle and other on the spots.

2) Archana sets the wave high with two of her lovely songs, one of which sets the mood right for an e-flaghoist with hearts full of respect for our Motherland.

3) Padmanabh sends his voice filled with enthusiasm, straight from the US.

4) <> a mystery lady with her voice.. hear her voice and write your guesses in the comments.

5) HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!! : I take the pleasure to welcome Amit Savkur a wonderful musician who creates magic with his great Vocals!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Flag hoisting>>>>>>>>>>>

Not just the flag.. our patriotism gets hoisted few flights high with this song by Archana!


archana_ae mere va…



Radio Idli Republic Artist!—>>> Amit Savkur

Amit contributes three excellently rendered songs which will keep us mesmerized and asking for more!

1) Mora Sainyan – Fuzon


2) Do Kadam (from the film Meenaxi)

02 – DO –…

3) One more special song……. at the end of the Republic day special!! .. stay tuned.


Radio Idli – First spontaneous recordings album!!! Recording setup and host – Vivek Pai

Track 1:
the Radio Idli Jingle!!!

Guitar chords by Vivek.. Vocal cords by Nagesh 🙂

send rec.mp3

Track 2: VAN (Vivek Ashwin Nikhil) remix

An automated casio tone turns into a good base for some non conventional instruments. Like Jal tarang (with jal spilling outside the tarang and getting ashwin wet), Vivek getting the tabla rhythms and nikhil giving some good side rhythm. VAN -derful indeed



Track 3: Vivek’s tabla

Vivek’s tabla patiently waiting for Nikhil to start. Nikhil decides to sing deeper than the lips can sing and farther than ears can hear.. Vivek’s tabla loses patience.. stops the beat.. with vivek saying.. “Abe gaali doon kya”


vivek_only tabla.m…


Track 4, 5 and 6 : Bhajan Assortment

Bhajans by nagesh (waze mridang), nikhil (Raja Pandharicha) and Ashwin (Keshava Madhava)


waze mridang.mp3



nikhil_raja pandha…



ashwin_keshava mad…



Commercial Break!!!
Mystery lady on Radio Idli.. Can you guess who she is???
Few of us have her on our friend’s list in Orkut.. maybe in yahoo messenger..
Maybe she works with few of us quietly at her desk while her mind plots this>>>

If you have guessed her .. answer in the comments.


Mystery Lady.mp3


Padmanabh Sings about his room with a view.. Mere saamne Waali khidki main!!!




Sanat’s Karaoke corner is now playing Tanha dil… On Radio Idli his song and he will never be Tanha.. lets promise that and hear his lovely blend !!




Fans of Archana will be delighted today to hear her grace the flag hoisting. I am sure all of us will be further happy to hear her with one more song!


Jadu hai nasha hai…

Promises made on Radio Idli will be kept!! So does Amit Savkur with his third song promised at the beginning!.. JO Vaada Kiya Woh Nibhaana Padega:


03 – JO – VADA.mp3

Hope you all enjoyed the R Day special .. and hope this one inspires the RD (burman) in each of us and makes us contribute some Jingalala music and merry sounds!

Stay tuned and Speak Beautiful !! mail your voice to and be heard!!!


  1. I am really Mad over Amit’s voice… WaaaH Man. Thats Amazing and Mindblowing.. The best ever on Radio Idli I must say. Hat’s off to you Sir!

  2. Way to go radio idli….

    lets hope we can keep having new artistes who add to the charm of radio idli everytime there is a new version

  3. Yes, very rightly said Samiir. Each time new artist will be amazing. That is what we are expecting. That will keep the Radio Fresh !
    Hence.. you too please contribute any of your vocal talents. Why not start with some of your MBA Jokes?


  5. WOWWWWW!!!! Radio Idli sounds more amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing with each new broadcast… all i can say is keep up the good work and hey i am waiting to hear more

  6. Radioidli is indeed a BIG treat to the ears…it is getting more and more exciting day by day, with people coming up with a platter of interesting stuff like fusion music, solos and the anonymous voice which is a pleasant surprise(my guess is the chulbuli Urvashi). Each contribution, as i listen, has been presented with so much of interest which actually reflects in the voices…and that is really worth appreciation. Thanks to Nagesh and the others who came up with this idea. Way to go buddies!!! Happy Republic day to one and all

  7. I have a feeling its just my unforunate case that i cudn’t hear Mystery Lady’s voice… just doesnt play… wat cud be wrong…

  8. @Ashwin… Arre tum log itna accha gaate ho… mereko complex hota hai gaane ko… itna accha nahi ga sakti main… anyway me here as audience

  9. Hello Everyone!! Thanks so much for your encouraging response.

    Special thanks to Amit for sharing his studio recordings which i pray should earn him lots of fame and grammies.

    WE all must thank Samiir, who is helping a lot by introducing great artists to our group.

    Tejaswini, Reshma, Ashwin, your voices are important too!! It will take us lots of practice and learning to reach the caliber of great performers like Amit. Nevertheless, radio ildi is a place where your voice matters!

    Each of us is gifted with something in our voice, just like the mystery lady proves.

    Reshmaji!! she is not Chulbuli Basanti :-). will give the answer soon.. let more guesses come!

  10. AWESOME …
    This is going great, Amit have to say i have become a fan of your voice, its just lovely …
    The contribution is getting better and better.

  11. Cheers Amit.. You are having a great FAN lineup now. Glad that I marked it at the top of the list of your Fans 😛
    Your Fan # 1

    I just Pray God for all the Best things for you to achieve in life and also second Nagesh’s comments that you earn lots of fame and grammies.

    Special Thanks to Samiir for introducing Amit to us all.

    There are few more artists soon coming up… Again Special Thanks to Samiir.
    We are very much delighted to have them all with us.

  12. @Tejaswini
    First of all.. Thanks. Koi toh iss baar bola ki main bhi achha gaata hoon 😛
    Well it is not necessary that you need to sing. You may also play any instrument that sounds well.. You heard my Jal tarang? You heard me spilling the water? The bangs, quivers, etc…
    Sing your own poems, do a Mimicry or just speak out whatever you feel like that you hear on any other FM !
    BTW, I am singing just to make realise everyone that in front to great singing talents, we are also here bold enough to say we have no singing background.. but will still put in effort and do our best.. Hum honge Kaamyab ek din. Man mein hai Viswaas.. Poora hai Vishwaas… Aap bhi Vishwaas rakhe and apne recordings bheje.

  13. Radio Idli is such a wonderful concept that I had to contribute to it. I’d like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate Nagesh and everyone who was involved in its initiation.

    @Ashwin, I dont know about Fans n ACs, but thanks for being my Friend.

    I’d also like to thank Samiir, who has been a close pal, for getting me introduced to Nagesh and Ashwin. Its always a great feeling to know konkanis around the world.

    Lastly, I dont have anymore studio recordings of mine (hehe!!!), but whenever i record songs at home,i’ll surely post them here. Ofcourse, that would only include guitar chords n vocals.

    May we keep growing ….

  14. Hi Amit! Good to see the star finally speak to the waiting audience :-).

    This is no exaggeration or flattery. I speak the joy of our listeners!

    We have our own small studios in Borivili (Vivek Niwas) and Ghatkopar (Nagesh’s snakepit :-)) where we can peacefully practice and record. Though it wont be as crisp as a studio recorded audio, it would have more excitement!

  15. Second guess…Varsha. Hope this one is right atleast :o)..Well, yes, Nagesh, I agree with you…We need to look upon Amit and improve ourselves while constantly striving towards perfection….and the journey is really long. Cheers..

  16. Mystery voice ka mystery solve huaa kyaa?? i dint get to hear the sound. is that a problem with esnips?I am trying to listen to the mystery voicee without any luck.

  17. Hey, i guess i can help..when you click the play button on the mystery lady’s contribution, if it does not work, click the link below it. Thatz what i did. See if that helps. Cheers

  18. Hey ppl!
    Guess I’m a l’il short of luck this time as I am uable to listen to sweet voices in this edition. Not quite sure why I’m unable to stream from this site today.

  19. Who is this Amit? Man he is absolutely stunning with his solid voice hitting right to your heart. Great voice.

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