12th Zodiac edition!

The journey at Radio Idli gets more and more exciting as we unravel newer talent, while our regular artists continue their rhythmic submissions week after week. We have speciality of our artists and their proud parents performing together!!

This week we celebrate another step to progress with a dedicated South-India Edition coming up!! Yes Indeed.. Radio Idli will now have multiple editions to serve tastes of various regions and to help talent and our voices show from every corner of the world, not just mumbai and pune primarily! Keep watching for the southern edition

The great quantity and quality of submissions is now forcing me to keep my RJ babble short and sweet as i take the pleasure of presenting this weeks speciality from the rest of the world… but the south :-)!
Shradha and Bharati-“akka” Nayak

Its a great pleasure to hear the beauty in a Girl’s voice and the riddle behind it.. that is the beauty in her Mother’s voice.. that which is inherited, cherished and passed on through generations!

Shradha and her Mom present to us the pleasure of experiencing the Beauty Divine through their devotional songs

Shradha makes our day bright with a Bhupali raag (udaya raag) song:


After the daughter now its the turn of a proud mother – Bharati-akka:


Archana Kamath and Proud Papa – Dinesh-“Maam” kamath

The melodious father-daughter duo sings to our hearts fill this time yet again!!

Archana presents a song from the south – Sambar-aache Phanna ghalnu !

Araluthiru MP3 arc…

Dinesh-Maam presents yet another superb hindi song!

Ae zindagi dintose…


Nagesh’s Bhajan.

One of my favorite bhajans that i recorded sometime back for my dear bro Nikhil. Apologies to Marathi listeners, if i have messed up with the wordings. This one is in Sarang Raag

Yei ho vitthale_sa…

Here is the same song in Todi Raag:

Yei ho vitthale_To…


Stay tuned for the Southern Special Edition!!! and Lokaabhiraam Maam returns too.


  1. Hey naganna…excellent performance..
    Aajtak tera har ek gaana acchha laga..bt this one is too good…really very nice..

  2. Lokmaam..as usual, mindblowing!!
    Parent kid combinations were at their best.
    Deepak, u have a very melodious voice…romantic songs suit your voice the most i think :0)
    Sunnyboy, badey dil se gaaya hai tumne…this song is one of my favs toooooooo.
    Nagesh…yei yo vitthale..you have sung the song in the first raga much better than in thodi…I guess it is because i am familiar with the first tune…:0) Keep it coming buddy. Making up for the dearth of konkani bhajans out here by listening to all of u. Feels good. Having fun, as always!!

  3. Just a small correction..since i have been so used to listening to DJ Deepak, i assumed that the DJ would be Deepak again this time…Shashank, sorry about that…the compliment was for you!!! DJ Deepak, you too are simply superb…my son and I are never tired of dancing together whenever you are on air 🙂
    Neetha, why don’t you and Amita sing a song togehter? Both of you have very sweet and innocent voices.. Good going.

  4. Archana, you are melodious as always!!!
    I am sorry Vinita “DBK” Rao pronounced your name as mine is done and spelt it the same way..

    Nagesh, the pairing idea is great! you get to know the guiding voice with the young one! and your song.. har baar teri tarif karna jaruri hai?? its implied!!

  5. Archana. Mind blowing stuff… Mungaru male rox..

    @ Reshma thanks a lot.. Missing ur songs now.. 2 weeks se kuch nahin aaya

    Nagesh.. You are doing a great job.. Improving and improvising each time you are singing :)Hope u enjoyed the presentation of the south Indian edition..

  6. Guys thanks for your appreciation!

    Reshma.. you would certainly find Sarang more vibrant and colourful as compared to Todi which is more with deeper emotions and thanks to doordarshan its presented during Shokh sabhas 🙁

    THe konkani bhajans shortage will be addressed soon! I would suggest lets contribute to it! we could get our parents recordings again

  7. WAh mathary mind blowing performance re….. tera ganeka raaz kya hai…? 😉

    Really super jalla go sanghile……Thanks a lot for singing Kannada song….

    Archu omme kirchu..;)

  8. Archana, Dinesh-mam,

    Wonderful renditions from you both. Outstanding. You both are blessed with good voices or Kanta Madhurya as they say.

    I cannot help but tell Archana this : “Ambe Rukka Ambo Javcho”. (Dinesh-maam – this is a tribute to you)

  9. Archana…very melodious..loved that song

    Nagesh… jai vittal ,bhajan mallale bhari layak jalla.

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