Launching Southern Samba(r).. (south india special

The “Unconquered South” – perhaps the smallest cultural subcontinent on earth. 4 states hosting about 9 languages, home to the Carnatic classical music, dance forms like Kattakalli, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohinyattam, and the deadliest martial art on earth – the Kalarippayattu, breeds an ecstatic passion for lifetime.

Surely the South is only a subset of the vast cultural heritage of India. But yet, despite of the difference in its roots of origin, South Indian music is complete and as rich as any other music in the world.

With a Saraswat perspective, we have our brethren right from Karwar in Karnataka to Kochi and the rest of Kerala. Our culture blends very well with that of the regions and hence we have beauty in diversity!

Rightly so, Radio Idli recognizes this uniqueness of South India and reflects this in a special South Indian edition henceforth.

So presenting to you, the Southern Samba-r as a topping on your delicious Idli..

Neetha Shenoy

Lets begin with the blessings of God. So presenting first we have from God’s own country Kerala, Neetha Shenoy from Kochi. Neetha happens to be the elder sister of Amitha who has won quite a bit of recognition from her contributions earlier this year

Ajeeb dastaan hai …

DJ Shashank

It’s the time of the DJ dazzlers now. But for a change it is not our established DJ Deepak, but a debutant DJ Shashank Pai from Mangalore. He presents a Bhangda version of “Teri to yaad sataave”

05 TERI TO (FolK T…


Lets take a break from DJgiri. Deepak is not only a DJ but also a melodious singer. I had first listened to his singing in an orkut meet of Konkanis in Bangalore. He had sung “Yaaron Dosti” much to the amazement and delight of about an audience of 40. Deepak shares with us his voice through a song he had sung in college

Deepak – Tera Cheh…


Lastly, yours humbly, Bangalore Hi-Flier Sooraj Kamath (Sunnyboy). Aamir Khan’s love for his brother expressed in an affectionate melody from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

Rooth ke hum se ka…

I am sure you enjoyed a small musical trip of South India. I promise to come up with more stuff in the coming weeks. Thanks for your love and Support..


  1. Hey Archana.. Thanks a lot for appreciation.. By the way, DJ Shashank.. Good job bro.. Now we can find all the talents coming out to the spot light.. great work people..

  2. Wow!!

    Great Contributions from everyone!

    I initially thought Nagesh was fooling a day before the fools day tht there are 2 editions!

    Nice to see our channel growing this way!

  3. Hi Sunny. Great compering and presentation!!!

    Feels great to be a listener, for once, 😀 and hearing our great South Editor present the edition wonderfully!!

    One request to all.. lets go and tell about this to all our friends and relatives!

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