RI Weekly – The Diwali tunes

Here’s wishing all our listeners and team a Dazzling Diwali filled with the best gifts for our life!

This time i would rest my keypad a bit and do some audio babble … here we go:

Diwali RJ babble 1…


Ms. Geeta Khanolkar – A professional, live in concert (Mumbai)

It is our privilege to have a voice of a professional on our blog, thanks to her close relative, Ms. Smita Nalkoor, who sent us her live recording. Srikala, Ms. Nalkoor’s daughter if you recall made a very nice debut last week.

The audio quality is average due to live recording, but the song is divine!

Geeta Khanolkar.mp…

Archana Kamath, Mumbai

She rocked mumbai in Voice of Mumbai competition, then she rocked the nation through “Khelo Gao Jeeto” Show. Even amidst her busiest schedules, she has been rocking Radio Idli all the time, giving immense delight to all our listeners here!

What drives her is the call from our hearts to hear more from her. She reciprocates by singing — Yeh Dil Sun raha hai tere dil ki Pukaar.

yeh dil sun raha h…

Shwetha Rao, Mangalore

Shwetha makes the Diwali memorable for us with a lovely Kannada song. She had made a wonderful entry last week. We hope to hear more and more from her! My little knowledge of kannada makes me grasp an expression of enthusiasm in this song, which is apt for the festive season when we hoist our spirits!



DJ’s Corner – Deepak Nayak, Bangalore

He took a break to attend to personal commitments. Like he promised, he is now back with a bang. What we are about to listen is Fine music that you get when a creative mind meets great technology. Deepak shows us a glimpse of an Indian Dream through his


DJ Deepak – Indian…


Once again we wish you a very happy Diwali. Hope the music in this edition has added few extra sparkles and sweetness in your festival!

Feel free to join us in our future episodes by hearing and contributing your talent! We will be glad to help you!

Coming up: Coverage of Kanara Saraswat Association, Mumbai’s annual Cultural event. Watch out for the videos which will be put up soon!


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  1. Good to see some new and great names in action. Thanks a lot for all the artists who contributed… Keep us entertained.

  2. Hi Shimogait. thanks once again for your comments. Its good to see new artists perform while we definitely miss our veterans.

    Lokmaam has been on a break for a while with all his fans missing him. We hope he peps us up with his creation soon.

  3. Archana, as usual, you rock!!Nice song sung really well.

    Deepak, I must admit, your music is of the types that inspite of being so very dhikchik is so pleasant to listen to. Kudos!!

  4. Ms. Smita, the performance was really good. Sorry that the background music didn’t do justice to your beautiful style. I loved it nevertheless.

  5. @ Reshma glad to see your cheering comments again!! Waiting to hear your melodies rocking the site again!!!

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