Sunil Kamath’s jingle ‘Rocks On’

The magical voice of Sunil Kamath, from Mumbai is not new to regular listeners of Radio Idli. This time around Sunil shares with us a successful step in his musical aspirations – two jingles which he recorded and which went live for MTV. Sunil’s high pitched melodious voice with its groovy texture comes out amazingly in the jingles which are featured here with its accompanying video. Here is wishing Sunil, many more recordings and larger success in the music world.

Manu Kamath – A versatile artist from Ahmedabad

We are glad to feature here, Manu Kamath, a young artist of our community who is known in his circles for his vocal and guitar performances. With a Bachelors degree in Computer Applications, Manu holds Mastery of the Stage. Apart from music, Manu has been doing some great compering, sharing stage with the likes of Amrita Rao. Manu’s proud father Mohan Kamath, shares with us two videos of his performance.

Sanat Prabhu Zoobie Do’s along

Sanat Prabhu is a young but veteran star of Radio Idli. He has perhaps experimented the most with his voice and tools of technology, all through his hostel room. Sanat has by far made the most innovative use of his voice through his excellent contributions like Kaapi With Sanat (bollywood talk show.. hear it to believe it). We present here a video of his performance, and an audio of a song where he sings Male as well as Female vocals!

5 minute magic on canvas – Vilas Nayak

What is the best thing that could ever happen to a 5 inch canvas, in 5 minutes flat? Our answer to that would be “Hues and Tunes” by Vilas Nayak. Here he brings an exceptional and self-developed live performance art of creating a larger than life portrait in just about five minutes. Vilas has been a finalist at “Superstar of Karnataka”. We share here few videos of the man himself and his romance with the canvas.

Sanat’s Love Aaji Kaali

Much to the delight of Radio Idli visitors, one of our Earliest Stars – Sanat Prabhu is here to rock us all with his amazing voice, and amazing audio mixing. Sanat brings to you a song from the movie Love Aaj Kal, which beautifully shows the amazing high pitch capability of his voice! Apart from his scintillating performances, Sanat, has been the host of a very popular show on Radio Idli – Kaapi with Sanat, where he “interviewed” bollywood stars through his own invented technique. You may check the shows through

Mahesh Kamath – “Constructing” the right melodies

Radio Idli returns today to one of its passions – presenting extraordinary talent from our hidden artists. Mahesh Kamath, from Mangalore in the mean wild world is a Civil engineer by profession with a reputed construction firm. A peep below the surface reveals a talented singer in him, which we gladly present today through a Karaoke sung by him. (check the complete article for the audio clip)

Basti Anand Shenoy – 12 year old clay animator

Anand Shenoy, a 12 year creative genius is the latest star on Radio Idli. For his remarkable ability to transform clay into animation characters, Pogo Kids Channel conferred the award of “Pogo Amazing Kid – Artist” on this young knight. Dinesh Shenoy, the proud father of Anand, shares with us the merry moments of the awards ceremony, and some of his creations.