Mahesh Kamath – “Constructing” the right melodies

mahesh-kamathRadio Idli returns today to one of its passions – presenting extraordinary talent from our hidden artists. Mahesh Kamath, from Mangalore in the mean wild world is a Civil engineer by profession with a reputed construction firm. A peep below the surface reveals a talented singer in him, which we gladly present today through a Karaoke sung by him. (check the complete article for the audio clip)

Kahin to (karaoke) |

Credits: We would like to thank Mahesh Prabhu, Bangalore, editor of Folks Magazine ( for refering Mahesh Kamath’s talent to Radio Idli. In case you would like to refer your relatives, or your own self! Kindly write to


  1. Mahesh,

    Well done. Close to the original.
    Did you do any modulation? Can sound better then.
    If that original would say just fantastic.

  2. Thanks a lot guys 🙂
    Yes i’ve given some echo to my voice in goldwave software.
    i guess modulation can be improved as u mention.

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