Basti Anand Shenoy – 12 year old clay animator

AnandAnand Shenoy, a 12 year creative genius is the latest star on Radio Idli. For his remarkable ability to transform clay into animation characters, Pogo Kids Channel conferred the award of “Pogo Amazing Kid – Artist” on this young knight. Dinesh Shenoy, the proud father of Anand, shares with us the merry moments of the awards ceremony, and some of his creations.Anand was chosen as a Pogo Amazing Kids awardee from lots of entries from India and other countries. The prefix of “Basti” to Anand’s name will remind you instantly of Anand’s famous grandfather, the great Shri Basti Vaman Shenoy of Vishwa Konkani Prathishtan fame. Scroll below to enter the magical world of Anand:

1) Anand’s Characters: (click on the image to see a larger picture)


2) Animations by Anand (5 videos available through the player below)

3) Anand’s Winning Moments: Pogo Amazing Kids Awards:

Radio Idli wishes Anand, to be the Walt Disney of India through his Clayful Playful talent and imagination beyond the usual imaginable.


  1. Anand,

    Keep it up. You are doing great.
    Would like to watch your full length movie 🙂
    I would also like to give credit to your parents who have motivated you always.


  2. Dear Anand,

    Wow! your art is simlpy superb!and hats off to your supportive parents who made it possible for you! This shows that there are mady untrodden fields of which one can make a carrier out of!

    All the best and may you have a bright future
    Vidhya Srinivasa Kini

  3. hi anand,

    just saw ur works and ur achievement at this age.
    You are very very creative and you have a long way to go.
    best wishes to you and ur supportive parents.


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