5 minute magic on canvas – Vilas Nayak

Vilas NayakWhat is the best thing that could ever happen to a 5 inch canvas, in 5 minutes flat? Our answer to that would be “Hues and Tunes” by Vilas Nayak. Here he brings an exceptional and self-developed live performance art of creating a larger than life portrait in just about five minutes. Vilas has been a finalist at “Superstar of Karnataka”. We share here few videos of the man himself and his romance with the canvas.

Editor’s note: Special Thanks to Rajesh Kamath and Gopal Pai, Bangalore, for refering Vilas to Radio Idli

Videos: (episode one to the grand finale)

Round 1:

More about Vilas:

Vilas works with IBM Daksh as Team Lead – HR and is based in bangalore. Paintings and art is just one of the brighter facets of multi-talented Vilas. He has been a district level badminton player, and as you can see in one of the videos, his talents in singing and dance are remarkable too! His Paintings are being gifted to all the celebrities who come to the – Nanna haadu Nannadu show in Suvarna TV. Great luminaries like Sudha Murty, Ravichandran, Sudeep, Raghu Dixit, Vishweshwara Bhat, Tara liked and appreciated Vilas’ works. Radio Idli wishes him all the good wishes on his obvious path to fame and success.

Round 2:

Quarter finals:

Vilas gives a great song performance apart from the painting.

Semi finals

The Grand Finale!


  1. Hi vilas very good art. well done. god bless you love you from canada gohead with best wishes and good luck. rani

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