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Original recordings of individual artists- from amateur to the accomplished, contributed specially for Radio Idli audience!

Sanat’s Love Aaji Kaali

Much to the delight of Radio Idli visitors, one of our Earliest Stars – Sanat Prabhu is here to rock us all with his amazing voice, and amazing audio mixing. Sanat brings to you a song from the movie Love Aaj Kal, which beautifully shows the amazing high pitch capability of his voice! Apart from his scintillating performances, Sanat, has been the host of a very popular show on Radio Idli – Kaapi with Sanat, where he “interviewed” bollywood stars through his own invented technique. You may check the shows through

Mahesh Kamath – “Constructing” the right melodies

Radio Idli returns today to one of its passions – presenting extraordinary talent from our hidden artists. Mahesh Kamath, from Mangalore in the mean wild world is a Civil engineer by profession with a reputed construction firm. A peep below the surface reveals a talented singer in him, which we gladly present today through a Karaoke sung by him. (check the complete article for the audio clip)

Basti Anand Shenoy – 12 year old clay animator

Anand Shenoy, a 12 year creative genius is the latest star on Radio Idli. For his remarkable ability to transform clay into animation characters, Pogo Kids Channel conferred the award of “Pogo Amazing Kid – Artist” on this young knight. Dinesh Shenoy, the proud father of Anand, shares with us the merry moments of the awards ceremony, and some of his creations.

Anup Shenoy – Voice of GSB – Mysore

Post by: Nagesh Pai | Mumbai|
Radio Idli is delighted once again to feature a talented upcoming artist – Anup Hegde. Anup was refered to us by his cousin Chetan Hegde and we are very thankful to him for his kind support.

Anup has been the winner of Voice of GSB award conferred by GSB Sabha Mysore. In this post we share three of his amazing performances..

(click on the link below or the title of this article to hear the songs and read more)

Most Awaited Idli from UAE..

Harish Pai arrives on Radio Idli, from the Middle East. A strange thing happened last week.  Over and above the din of financial markets crashing around the world, we could hear a strange chanting from across the Arabian sea.  It kept getting stronger and stronger..until we could hear it oh so very clearly.  “makka Idli […]