Rang De Basanti

The drama continues into its next episode, where in it is slowly but surely shaping into an inspirational story. So miss it not. Click on Episode3. Sunnyboy. Radio Idli – Saraswat Talents served St(r)eaming Hot email:

Rang De Basanti..

Dear all, It’s my pleasure to introduce a new Saraswat Konkani drama named “Rang De Basanti“. This group of artists, who call themselves “The Young Guns” hail from Bhatkal town of North Canara district of Karnataka. Bhatkal has been one of the worst communal riot affected areas, this group of enterprising amchis spread the message […]

Video Special – 3 Magnificent Arti’s

Contributed by: Harish Shanbhag, Nikhil Pai and Nagesh Pai. As GSB’s we have been ardent followers of the religious traditions carried forth by our ancestors. Our religious festivals have given us the spiritual strength and also strong social bonding. We are proud to share three wonderful videos as a part of our journey to the […]

13th Lucky Edition

Hosted this week by : RJ We-Wake (Vivek) Pai RJ talk… Dear friends, I am pleased to bring to you this week’s edition of Radio Idli, which coincidently its 13th (lucky) Edition! It is also a significant one since its the first time someone other than Nagesh anna is hosting it! So sit back and […]

Recording using Audacity

Here I present you a screencast of a basic tutorial on “How to Record using Audacity and converting to MP3″ This will explain you to about the basics of connecting your hardware, Basics of Audacity, Converting to MP3. Please let us know if you have any further questions on this. Due to some reasons could […]