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Konkani Sammelan 2016 Report – ‘Song’ and ‘Toi’ on My Mind

Konkani Sammelan 2016 Report – ‘Song’ and ‘Toi’ on My Mind

Source: Official Press release by the Konkani Sammelan 2016 commitee Over two years of preparation by the very small Konkani community of Atlanta culminated in the grand quadrennial event “Konkani Sammelan 2016” held at Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) from July 1 to 3, 2016. This event was attended by over 1400 attendees from US, […]

Balachandra Prabhu and Pt. Omkar Gulvady to Perform at Konkani Sammelan ’16

Balachandra Prabhu and Pt. Omkar Gulvady to Perform at Konkani Sammelan ’16

Our very dear Balachandra Prabhu and respected Pt. Omkar Gulvady will be performing at Konkani Sammelan 2016, a flagship event of our community and Konkani lovers in the United States. With this note we bring to you a series of videos from Bala’s last concert in Georgia, US. (Courtesy Sh. Ravi Natarajan)

Balachandra Prabhu’s first Hindustani Classical Concert in Mumbai

Balachandra Prabhu’s magical voice with Shri Kiran Kamath’s harmonium accompaniment held Mumbai audience totally spellbound. The occassion was very special. It was his first classical concert in Mumbai. Radio Idli had the privilege of organizing his first ever performance in Mumbai, which was left its resonance in the Devotional Genre at the Kurla Balaji Mandir. We bring to you the complete video of this equally historic concert. The quality of his performance that you hear will certainly be more superlative than our description here.

Balachandra Prabhu’s Unique Gift

When a Gifted Artist – Balachandra Prabhu generously gifts something, its time for all ears to stop listening to anything else. That is how we would like to describe our experience, when Bala decided to gift this song to his dearest Nag-anna on his birthday, for pure divine delight of all Radio Idli listeners.

Balachandra presents to us a Kannada Devotional song recorded live in a concert – Innu Daya Barade

Balachandra Prabhu – Hubli concert recording

Important Announcement: Balachandra Prabhu will be once again performing live at Vashi GSB sabha – Balaji Mandir. Thats where our Parampujya Shrimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji’s chaturmasya is consecrated. The Date : 14th August 2008, Place:Balaji Mandir, Vashi – Navi Mumbai. The Temple is close to the Vashi Bus Depot (10 mins walk) time: 6 PM […]

Kannada Twist

After migrating from the Saraswati River Banks and then from Goa, Karnataka has been a home and a center for many Saraswat families for the last few generations. We have in this edition, two beautiful songs by two very talented singers from the Radio Idli family. Balachandra Prabhu Those who have heard this upcoming prodigy […]

Radio Idli Rising Artists : Prodigy Pundit : Balachandra Prabhu

Balachandra Prabhu Based in the musical town of Hubli and a dedicated student of the Kirana Gharana, Balachandra brings to us the rich flavours of Hindustani Classical music. Born in Belthangady a place in south canara on 14th October 1985, Balachandra took his initial lessons of Hindustani classical vocal from his father. Further from Shri […]