Kannada Twist

After migrating from the Saraswati River Banks and then from Goa, Karnataka has been a home and a center for many Saraswat families for the last few generations.

We have in this edition, two beautiful songs by two very talented singers from the Radio Idli family.

Balachandra Prabhu

Those who have heard this upcoming prodigy in the previous post, would be waiting to hear from him yet again. Balachandra returns after winning an award from the All India Radio, standing first in a National Competition. He is now an All India Radio artist!

We all cheered him and enthusiastically he returns with a very clear recording from a live concert at the Death Anniversary of Marahoom Abdul Karim Khan Sahab of the Kirana Gharana fame.

Balachandra presents to us a beautiful Kannada song composed by the great Purandaradasa.

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We wish Balachandra Many more awards and bigger concert stages!

Archana Kamath.

Its not time for some light Kannada Music sung and recorded by Archana. Archana would be participating in a Music competition this weekend, sponsored by Loksatta of the Indian Express group.. Let us wish her all the very best!

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