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Balachandra Prabhu

Based in the musical town of Hubli and a dedicated student of the Kirana Gharana, Balachandra brings to us the rich flavours of Hindustani Classical music.

Born in Belthangady a place in south canara on 14th October 1985, Balachandra took his initial lessons of Hindustani classical vocal from his father. Further from Shri Jayateerth Mevundi for 3 years and at present he is under the able guidance of the renowned Kirana gharana vocalist, Pandit Shripati Padigar who is a senior disciple of great vocalist of India Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. Honorable artiste Dr. Gangubai Hangal and many other senior artistes appreciated his music and blessed him for his career. Recently he performed at Abdul Karim Khan Music Festival, where he received recognition and encouragement from the most discerning people.

His achievements include the Thamankar Award, 2006 and the Pratibha Puraskar scholarship from the Karnataka Sangeeta Nritya Academy.

We have here a live recording of his recent concert. Two amazing Abhangs with the finest play with Swaras. Kindly excuse the quality of the recordign which has been done through a mobile phone, which however doesnt diminish the quality of Bala’s voice in it!(please click the widget below to play)


Bhajan 2>>

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With immense dedication, devotion and practice Balachandra aspires for a successful career in music. I would request each listener to help an upcoming artist like Balachandra, by refering him to organizations that hold concerts to encourage and preserve our rich art.

With his first post, let us all wish Balachandra all the very best for his future. I am sure all of us would await for more of his recordings!


  1. Shri Ganeshaya Namaha
    Jai Guru Ganesh!!

    Happy first post Bala, this is the “god-knows-what”th time i am hearing your wonderful voice and still feel like hearing it again and again.

    Hope to carry clearer and better recordings soon!

  2. hey really it was superb abhang i want to hear a clear one i can make out quality of ur singing but i need quality recording plz upload as soon as possible.its awesome……..god luck 4 future

  3. Balchandra, I was always worried who after the likes of Bhimsen Joshi and our very own (Hubli-ite) Smt Gangubai Hangal. Now I know future is there in YOU. Good luck.

  4. @ Dams – Thanks for the encouraging comments. i was wanting to putup a clearer recording of his for which i had to wait longer.

    I couldnt resist putting up these mobile recordings after a couple of hours of noise removal till the maximum extent possible

  5. simply wonderful……. i just managed to get the voice connection restored after what seemed ages and what a way to begin the listening spree.
    Thank you Nagesh.

  6. Hey Balu, That was quite some mind drifting and soothing music. keep up the good work. Rani and Me have been hearing it for quite some time. Do you by any chance have some cds with some more of it? All the best and god bless.

  7. I am speechless after listening to Bala… so young and a good voice…i wish from my heart all the best for his future and soon to see his name in the list of pandits… (he is already thier)…

    Nagmaam good work again, keep it up and thanks for putting your efforts in brining our community poeple talents to the rest of the world… All the best to you too…

  8. @GaneshMaam – Thanks so much for the encouragement again.. Over a period of time you will find Bala as well as Radio Idli put our good efforts.

    @priya.. i knew you would love it. thats why i was behind you to hear it at the earliest!!

    @All – On behalf of Balachandra thanks to all of you for your responses!

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