Balachandra Prabhu’s Unique Gift

When a Gifted Artist – Balachandra Prabhu generously gifts something, its time for all ears to stop listening to anything else. That is how we would like to describe our experience, when Bala decided to gift this song to his dearest Nag-anna on his birthday, for pure divine delight of all Radio Idli listeners.

Balachandra presents to us a Kannada Devotional song recorded live in a concert  – Innu Daya Barade

Innu Daya Barade – Kannada Bhajan – Balachandra Prabhu | Musicians Available

Here is a link to Balachandra Prabhu’s complete collection of earlier recordings.


  1. Keep it up!

    Feel like we are attending the live concert!
    Really Mr. Balchandra Prabhu,has got a gifted voice from the Devine Godess Saraswathi!
    Also blessings from his Great Parents & Grand Parents! ( Maalghadele Aashirvadhu )
    And,ofcourse from his Devine Guru Shri………….
    We all wish him, Good Luck & Bright Future!
    (P.S: Gaayan aaikunu bhari aanand jalle!)

  2. Hey….
    its a nice website…. lovely artists… great talent…. just heard Balachandra Prabhu….really melodious voice….great going guys…keep it up…

  3. Had heard about Mr.Balachandra Prabhu from his aunty.But could hear him today through ur website.Thanks a lot for uploading.Very melodious voice and a great talent.Came to know that he has been invited by UAE AMchigele Samaj for the Annual Day.Wishing him ALL THE BEST for his future as well as looking forward for his concert at Dubai.

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