Ramesh-maam presents – Seeta Kalyana in Konkani (All new series)

Payannur Ramesh Pai

Editor’s note: Payyanur Ramesh Pai Maam‘s contribution to Radio Idli, and his popularity with the online lovers of Konkani is not new. He has showered his wishes and generosity on us by featuring a monthly contribution of some of the relics of Konkani and Saraswat Culture. In the inaugural episode, Ramesh Pai-maam shares with us one of the most loved lullaby’s in konkani – Seethakalyana, along with an informative article on the same, with lyrics in Devanagari, Kannada and Malayalam script

SEETHA KALYANA – a nice old poem in Konkani

“SEETHA KALYANA” is a beautiful poem composed in chaste Konkani, presenting the episode in a capsule form. As the poem carries no ‘Mudrika’ or Signature the author seems to have wished
to remain anonymous. This poem was composed as a lullaby, sung by Grandmas and popularized by passing on from generation to generation, and has been in vogue alike in the various Konkani pockets of the west coast from Kochi to Mangalore, to Goa up till Mumbai, for over a century now. The version popular in Kochi area has been documented in Malayalam script. It was carried sometimes back in one of the issues of ‘Venkatavani’, the journal published by Cochin Tirumala Devaswom, It was narrated by an elderly lady, Smt. Puthali Bhat, who is of the opinion that the poem was sung by Yashoda to Sri Krishna. Grandson of Smt. Puthali Bhat (Sri. N.Chandrakanth
Bhat) reproduced the text in an annual magazine (Amchi Emirates 09) brought out by GSB Sabha, UAE. A scanned copy of the particular page, carrying the 26 couplets, is attached herewith, for the benefit of those who can read Malayalam script. Viewers who are not familiar with Malayalam script will be delighted to know that the poem is also available in Kannada as well as Devanagari scripts. Sri. Santosh Kumar Gulvady has compiled the text of “Seetha Kalyana” in his anthology ‘Taa Tingana’ (Published by Basti Prakashan, Thumbay) in 1995. It has 25 stanzas and copies can be had from Vishwa Konkani Pratishtan, Shaktinagar, Mangalore(www.vishwakonkani.org_).
In July 2008, when a Konkani Sammelan was held as far away as in California, in USA, having the theme ‘Awaken the Konkani in You’, the lullaby was presented by an elderly lady during one of the sessions. The audio version has found its place in the Sammelan CDs (Song No.9 in the Disk.8) although it does not seem to carry the text completely. It is but natural that the presenter might have retained only the main stanzas over a period of time in the absence of a written document to refer in need. The MP3 version is uploaded herein for the benefit of our

Seeta kalyana at Konkani sammelan

Last year, the complete version of Seetha Kalyana has been brought out in an audio CD “SAMARPAN”, with the background music set by Sri. Tagore Das. The poem is nicely sung by Smt. Malathi Manjunath Kini from Mangalore. Once can easily follow the audio text, as the rendition has been done befitting the meter, rhyme and rhythm conceived by the original author, doing full justice to the lullaby. Our sincere thanks to the producers (OLALANKE PRODUCTIONS) for the initiative, and an MP3 version of the song is attached herewith for the benefit of our people.

Seethakalyana-Aika re tu putta | Music Codes


1. DownloadSeetha kalyan lyrics in Devanagari script
2. Download Seetha Kalyan lyrics in Kannada script
3. Download Seetha Kalyan lyrics in Malayalam script


  1. well sung. congratulations to the singer. i heard this long before from the life of Prof.R.K.Rao. That was with no instrumrntal support. it has a govan touch also. some kolisong rythum, but devotional. Here also it is sung with bhakthi mood. good. thanks to shri. ramesh pai and radio idli.

    it will not be flok, as larics are with well selected and pure words. most of the words are thatbhavas from sanskrit.

  2. Thanks for posting this, my Grandma was, in herself a huge library of konkani songs like these. may it be lullaby’s,folk or story telling. She used to recite Sita Kalyan too, with her sudden demise all her wonderful folk treasure was lost forever with her. We knew bits and pieces of seeta kalyan but not the whole song, thrilled to get the full lyrics here. There is also a wonderful konkani rendition of Draupadi Vastrayana. I will try to procure it if there are any old recordings from my grandma, if someone else has it please do post.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Divya. Would love to seek and host many more such treasures. Any help from your side would be highly appreciated.

  4. really a good effort and this is needed in this hour of kaliyug
    great going and is light to younger generation

  5. Very beautifuly presented , it reminds me of my mother who sings the same to make my baby Shreya sleep well.

  6. kudos to this rememberance of wonderful journey to our rich GSB culture
    We in family also heard these plenty of songs in konkani through
    our beloved mother. Bring more such treasure if available thro your net work.

    Very nice and enchanting.

    Srinivas ananth nayak bengre
    Bangalore 560 068

  7. I am trying to record Sri Ramesh Pai`s Mangaladata -for playing in Manjeshwar temple.I am not able to do it . I need this as a sort of Anthem for our Jeernodhara operations to inspire our volunteers. Pl help .
    Regards- M.V.Bhat- President ,Sri Garbhagriha Jeernodhara Samithi,Srimath Anantheshwar temple- MANJESHWAR.
    Contact address:103,Inland Majestic,Warehouse Road, Mangalore-575003.
    Mobile 9980561990

  8. The GSB konkani songs, pravachans, and bhajans, offered by Radio Idli are pleasant experience.

    We in Mumbai, are starved to listen it. Please make available DVD of GSB Konkani songs.

    We appreciate Radio Idli.

    jagadish kamath

  9. hey thanku for dis song,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this remembers me my childhood days were my grandmom while making me sleep would sing dis song. but i miss her now . After hearing this song i felt lyk my grand mom is singin for me…………….

  10. Rameshmam
    excellent,no words to express,only people like you can keep our konkani culture & tradition still live .we have high expectation from you & i am sure you will succeed in this definetly.
    I am in medical social work specially in giving vision to blind people while you are giving eternal vision

  11. It is very nice song ,which remindes me my childhood where my aajji used to sing. I have been searching for this song and here it is

    How to download this song in MP3 fomrat and also would like to know if you have any CD of these songs as well as konkani lullubies then please let me know. I can purchase it or if you can send me link where to download it that will be great help. I would like to collect all these good songs

  12. Thak you so much for uploading this song. Could you please forward me Draupati vastrayan website link.


  13. Hi,
    Thanks for uploading.
    Childhood memories… My mamamma used to sing this song when I was a kid when I used to visit her house in Karkala. I and my sis and bro sleep only after listening to this song. And that was more than 30 years ago..

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