Karkala Venkataramana Temple – video by Sheshagiri Kamath

Sheshagiri Kamath is an active sevak at one of the foundations of Saraswat Faith – Karkala Shri Venkataramana Temple, fondly called Padu Tirupathi. Sheshagiri shares with us an audio video compilation done by him with some breathtaking images of the temple and Karkala Teru.


Karkala Teru – 2010 – by Swaroopa Shenoy

The famous Karkala Teru (annual chariot festival) is brought alive by Swaroopa Shenoy as she continues her divine duty and generosity for the second time around. Swaroopa, a technology professional from Bangalore, shares her photographic talents and love for Saraswat festivals with us through this wonderful coverage of the festival. She presents here a photo-slideshow of the same.