Karkala Teru (Chariot festival) – 2008

Swaroopa Shenoy from bangalore, brings to us a magical photographic experience of an age old festival of GSBs – The Karkala Teru. Karkala, as most of us know, is one of our prime cultural centers. It is known for its Venkataramana Temple, fondly called as Padu-Tirupathi.

Karkala is also a home and place of origin of many luminaries in our community, including the great Renjal Gopal Shenoy-maam, one of the greatest sculptors ever born.


Here is a slideshow of the same album:


  1. Karkala is my native place,We were Prabhu’s before my ancestor Late Shri Annap Prabhu became “Bhagvath”, I am representing 5th generation, not very old,The five members of Kirtankars are from our family and I am a regular visitor during Theru,every year,
    Thanks to Mr Nagesh Pai

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