Karkala Teru – 2010 – by Swaroopa Shenoy

The famous Karkala Teru (annual chariot festival) is brought alive by  Swaroopa Shenoy  as she continues her divine duty and generosity for the second time around. Swaroopa, a technology professional from Bangalore, shares her photographic talents and love for Saraswat festivals with us through this wonderful coverage of the festival. She presents here a photo-slideshow of the same.


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  1. Wonderful photos. Eventhough I could not see any Karakala Teru till now, felt as if I was one in the corwd of feloow GSBs. It gives great feelings for all GSBs in Kuwait/Gulf/Outside India to see such events at least thru wonderful photos posted by GSB brotheren. Thnaks a lot for sharing the same
    Baidebettu Prakash Pai
    for and on behalf of GSB Sabha Kuwait

  2. Nice Photos………I feel proud to be a volunteer of Dhani Venkatramanu ani sreenivasu padu tirupathi.

    Please upload this below video in ur website.

    sheshagiri S Kamath

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