RI weekly – The festive nights begin!

The festival of Nine nights begins. And so does our countdown towards the Great Dussera Surprise!. We request everyone from our talented community to share their wonderful voices/ performances/ instrumentals for this divine occassion. Let us together make it a memorable first Dassera edition

Argala Stotra sung to the Goddess by Varsha Kamath

We begin the auspicious Navratri with a wonderful rendition of the Argala Stotra from Devi Mahatmya, sung by Varsha Kamath and recorded and shared by her Brother Aswhin Kamath:

Argala Stotra.mp3

Sunil Kamath

A debut of our last weekly, Sunil continues his lovely melodies with a song from the film “Dil Chahta hai”

Dil chahta hai – S…


Archana Kamath

Archana shines brighter with accolades and appreciation at various competitions continuing this week with “Khelo Gao Jeeto” show on Doordarshan national. She continues her enthusiastic song submission to our weeklies!!

ek pyaar ka arch2….

MahaGSB group performance at GSB Wadala Ganeshotsav – Episode 2

We continue posting the brilliant performance given by the MahaGSB group based out of Mumbai. Shalmali presents a melodious Marathi song to a thrilled audience.


We look forward to your feedback and participation for the Dassera special. Do mail us your voice at radioidli@gmail.com

Till then Stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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