Chutney Chat with Abhang Gulvady

In our series of interviewing members of the Idli House Council (the team behind Radio Idli), Samiir Halady interviews our ever-smiling and sporting Abhang Gulvady.

Abhang is a software professional and works in Pune. He is an accomplished Tabla player and comes from a family of great Musical Maestros. In our group he is known for his magnificent levels of energy, though he defiantly appears as a silent smiling person in the corner. So here we go with Abhang’s interview (keep your speaker volume higher to hear the background music):

Directions of viewing for beginners:
Click on the play button. If it plays in breaks, click the play button once again to pause it. Let the video load fully and you can play it


Day after tomorrow is Dassera and we have a very special surprise.. A surprise that has got to do something with the most basic identity of the blog… Any guesses???

Stay tuned.. and stay beautiful as ever 🙂

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  1. Samiir and all other folks, Nice effort. Chutney Chat is a nice concept to help us know more about the folks who build the RI network.

    Abhang is a great personality ((I know privately). I would have very much liked a little more serious talk with him specially. His background, a few things about his family, his Guru on Tabla, how he developed this interest in Music, His objective in Music Life etc etc would have made this Chat more interesting for someone like me.

    Pls take my feedback for what its worth.

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