The Dassera Surprise

An hour post midnight, I take pleasure in revealing a well kept surprise for all of us!!

Radio Idli now has a new address!!! you may now login to :

Thanks to Sankalp who booked this domain for us. This is a moment of celebration indeed for all the people who have been a part of Radio Idli and built it bit by bit!! Same excitement and growing flavours at a new address!

Even our parent group Idli house council has its own domain:

Now hopefully your fingers will be spared the effort of typing a long address 🙂

So hit the new address and comment here on this post to say that you were here on this landmark day!!


  1. Congratulations to ALL OF US!

    Sankalp.. no words for you.. I wont say thanks.. kyunki Apno ko Thanks nahi bolte!!

  2. Well here I need to give some credits to folks whom we may have missed on our way here.

    First credit goes to Vivek Pai and Ashwin Kini who came up with the idea of the band (which i had made some fun of, but now I feel i was wrong)

    Next is our own Anantha Joisa “AJ” who has been our greatest Talent Hunter along with our own Samiir Halady “OKC” who brought in lots of upcoming talents for the sustained activities of RI.

    Then there are some avid listeners among our parents who have been our Brand ambassadors spreading the word without any expectations..

    And then my sincere and Humble thanks to our Lokmaam who while avoiding exposure (and our meets too) has been a stellar contributor to RI…

    And thanks to more and more people who are joining this initiative. If I have forgotten some folks who have been working behind the scenes (or even front of it) and I have not put in their names here, blame it on my poooor memory

    Happy Dassera…

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