RI Weekly – Kamath’s club – debuts and prize winning performances

Listeners dearest!

After the floodlights of Ganesh Chaturthi recharging us for the rest of the year, we continue on our Voyage to share best of Saraswat talent to the community spread all over the world.

This week has in store for you, two wonderful debuts and videos of prize winning performances at the Ganesh Chaturthi.

Important Instruction:

Play one video or audio widget at a time. You will need to press the play button once and wait for sometime till the song loads. It is likely that for the first time the song/ video will play in breaks. You may press the play/pause button once again till you see the video loaded completely.

Debuting this week on Radio Idli is Sunil Kamath, from Mumbai. I had met him during a music competition in mumbai held by the GSB Seva Mandal, where he won the first prize! Hear him beginning this edition and the forthcoming weeks and “hear” the gold medal shine!

02-Track 2.MP3

Vishwatma Kamath

One great kamath debuts after another, Vishwatma Kamath, from Mangalore sings a local song that aspires for Mumbai life… Hope they know about the crowded city woes!!
Anyways.. here is his song:

nanu hogtine bomba…

Archana Wins at GSB Seva Mandal competition
(Runners up from the Idli house council too!)

The splendour of victory shines on with our nightingale of the evergreen woods of music, Archana Kamath (yet another winning kamath)

Performance at GSB Sarvajanik Ganapati Wadala – Episode 1
Featuring Vaidehi

This is first in the series of a variety entertainment feature presented by our brethern from the MahaGSB group. The performance begins with “Omkara Pradhana” offered to Lord Ganesha


Thanks to active participation and the Ganesh Festival, we are having a good stock of talents waiting to be uploaded!! Through Radio Idli, We wish to provide every talented Saraswat, his/her online stage. So if you really like the works here, do comment and appreciate the artists and furthermore…. Join them by writing at radioidli@gmail.com

I am waiting and so is Lokmaam!!!

This week on Photo Idli

Photographic talents of our Saraswat brethern show through wonderful pictures of Nopi, Sharada pooja and other festival photos… logon to http://photoidli.blogspot.com … watch enjoy and appreciate

Stay tuned, Stay Happy, Stay beautiful!!


  1. What can I say? What a debut by sunil Kamath!!! Just heard the song hrice in succession… Completely fidaaa… Amazing voice… amazing way of singing….

  2. And the winner is Vishwatma Kamath
    Lovely with those drum beats.. He will take over the TRPs from Lok maam.. Watch out Lokmaam..

  3. Thanks Nagesh for this wonderful post.. This edition has so many variety and flavors!! Hindi Kannada Marathi…

    Participants keep entertaining us… Great work every one

  4. @Shimogait.. thank you so much! you have been consistently encouraging us with your feedback on the posts. I happened to check your blog. Was quite a nice read and gives a good glimpse into your life! Stay tuned 🙂

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