Ammale Saraswat Recipes – Chana Madgane

Ammale Saraswat Recipes – Chana Madgane

New Section Launch – Ammale Saraswat Recipes.

Precious traditional Saraswat recipes carefully documented by Smt. Shalini Gadiyar. Contributed by her son

Shalini Gadiyar
Shalini Gadiyar

Mr. Govind Gadiyar. Its nutrition and dietary values analyzed by our expert dietitian – Ms. Sanjana Nayak, (

Though our name – Radio Idli,  brings to our mind the appetizing steam of our favoritefood, the element of food was lacking directly in our content so far. We are pleased to start a featured on some of the treasured Saraswat Recipes, documented by Shalini-maai. We don’t stop at just the taste and the process of making great dishes. We have a young Dietitian with us – Sanjana Nayak, who would help us understand the health aspect of each of the featured recipes.

We launch our feature with the recipe of Channadaal- Kajju Madgane – a treasured dessert of Saraswats.

Shalini-Maai’s Channadaal- Kajju Madgane (Split Bengal Gram – Cashew Dessert)


Split Bengal Gram 1 cup

Cashew nut (split ) 1/4 cup

Grated Coconut (wet) 1 coconut

Grated Jaggery 1 cup

Rice Flour 4 tsps.

Cardamom 7 or 8


1. Pressure-cook the split bengal gram and cashew nut pieces, by adding 2 cups of water.

2. Meanwhile, extract coconut milk by grinding grated coconut along with little water. Obtain three extracts. Keep aside the first extract. Mix together rice flour in the second and the third extract of coconut milk.

3. Add grated jaggery and cardamom powder to the cooked bengal gram. Heat this mixture.

4. Then add the rice flour mixed coconut milk to this mixture and heat it till it starts boiling.

5. Towards the end, mix the first extract of coconut milk and let it boil only once. Remove from the heat.

6. Serve only after 3 to 4 hours when it cools down. It will taste better.

7. Can be served chilled or hot.


Sanjana Nayak

Sanjana Nayak’s  Healthy tips

on the Recipe:




Ingredients Quantity Calories
Split Bengal gram 200 grams 744
Cashew nuts 50 grams 298
Grated coconut 50 -80 grams 250
Jaggery 200 grams 770
Rice flour 20 grams 116
Cardamom 10 grams NA

The total calories are 2178 Kcal. One portion can give 220-250 calories. Jaggery is healthier compared to sugar but is still a no-no for diabetics. An occasional festive treat is absolutely fine. The amount of cashew nuts and coconut available per portion will be very less. Our ancestors had carefully planned our diets so that such dishes are done occasionally to satisfy our taste buds and yes they always remembered to burn the extra calories through their normally hard working routines which we do not do. This dish is commonly served at many weddings. Enjoy this treat but occasionally.


About Smt. Shalini Gadiyar:

Smt Shalini Gadiyar was born on 14th August 1927. Being the first born of Mr Bantval Venkatesh Shenoy and Mrs Leelavati (nee Sujir Nayak) as per tradition she was born at maternal grandmother’s place at Sujir, near Manglore. However, within few months she shifted back with her mother to settle at their house in Girgaum Mumbai. She has been alumni of famour St Columba High School, Gamdevi Mumbai. While persuing MSC (Physics) of Mumbai University helped her getting a job at Wilson College, her alma mater. After marriage with Dr Hejmady Padmanabh Gadiyar, in 1950 she came to Thane in 1953 after brief stay in Khar, Mumbai. Her being educated did not allow her to be docile housefile and without much effort she became a home based teacher who specialised in Maths and Science. The beginning was to help economically weaker students who were not able to cope up with studies around her residence.

Within no time, she became famous all over as Gadiyar Madam of Maths and Science. Despite busy schedule, she found time to cook those delicious dishes which made her famous amongst friends and relatives. After teaching, cooking was second love. With the zeal and energy she has been best friend, philosopher and guide to all people around her always bringing new thoughts, ideas and giving inspiration.

She has taught Maths and Science all her life and this has inculcated a love for scientific methods in her and same is reflected in writing these recipes. She has quantified all the measurements precisely so that a novice can cook the dish which will taste exactly the same the way it would have tasted had she been the one who prepared it.


About Sanjana Nayak :

Sanjana Nayak is a dietitian from Mangalore. A post graduate diploma holder in “Dietetics” and a university topper from Welcomgroup School of Hotel Administration from the prestigious Manipal University. At present Sanjana practices  as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India and as a Consultant for corporates like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. Sanjana shares her expert guidance through



  1. Loved to read Madgane preparation. My mother used to prepare Madgane of Channadal with green pumpkin (gardudhi). Reading Shalinitai’s preparation my wife Sheetal inspired to cook this dish next week.
    Regards & Thanks to all.


  2. Adding Gardudhi sounds like a great idea, may enhance its nutritional value too. do let us know how the week’s preparation was. I am sure it would be delicious. Wife’s endearing preparation with Amma’s recipe has to be a power combination. Isn’t it?

  3. very good topic to ponder, one more feather in the cap of RADIO-IDLI.

  4. Dear All,

    My understanding is that our GSB cuisine is developed and innovated by our ancestors based on principles of Ayurveda. Hence, it helps to keep one healthy.

    Ms Sanjana’s comments on this and forthcoming recipes will provide us evidence to this effect.

    Best Regards, Govind

  5. Respected Shalini Maai,

    It was wonderful reading your recipe. Although been a finance person, I love to cook a lot & when I saw that it is my friend Abhay’s ammas receipe, it was a double delight. I had already tried this receipe once. But now I think I have the perfect receipe.

    With lot of love,

    Vijay Ghosalkar

  6. thanks,Shalini maai for that lovely recipe. hoping to learn from you some more recipies.Can you please guide me on how to make kairas with donne mirsang. Thanks again.

  7. Your 7 step recipe is really good.thanks to gadiyar family for the recipe for those who don’t have.madgane is an essential part of the ugadi or gudipadva feast.dietician sanjana nayaks calorie chart is very informative.

  8. Hi everyone

    Thanks for the encouraging response to the first recipe.

    My mummy advices that for diabetics one can prepare Madagane without jaggery. Add sugar-free as per taste after preparing.


  9. I was just web strolling around and found you here.
    Shalini aaka, this is great. We always use the receipe book you wrote.
    Now I have to ask mummy to read this.
    Thank you.

  10. Dear Shalini-Mhave!

    It was indeed wonderful to find not only your recipe, but also a picture of your ever radiant self on the website, which I found thanks to Jagdishanna’s email. Looking forward to the publication of the new version of your lovely cookbook!! We all -friends and family – loved the “instant” Avalya Nonche we made using your recipe. May God bless US with many, many more years of YOUR continuing good health and may we all continue to benefit from your vast storehouse of practical knowledge and wisdom that you so lovingly share with one and all!

    -Arvind Shenoi
    Sudhindra Nagar [“Swamiyali Society”], next to Dahisar Kashi Math, Mumbai

    PS: In response to SATISH RAMA NAYAK’s post of the 26th January, ’09, I have this to share:

    I have yet to come across a single non-GSB person [and we have people from really diverse cultures and religions attending our GSB functions in Mumbai–including weddings and sarvajanik festivals/Mahotsavs] who has not relished “Chanya ani Kajubiye Madgane” and lots of other dishes such as Patoli, Kadge Chakko, Kajubi ani Tendlya Upkari and dozens of other GSB dishes. Am truly surprised Satish, that you feel this way. Invariably, I have found people of other cultures, of both Hindu AND Non-Hindu backgrounds, genuinely find quite a few of our GSB dishes delightfully different, and keep coming back for more! Perhaps Satish, you should try sharing our dishes with a larger number of your friends from other cultures before arriving at such profound conclusions. Try it with this particular recipe to begin with!!!
    …Am confident you will be surprised when you do. Regards, Arvind.

  11. Very excited to see konkani site. I too would like to share some recepies with konkani readers. Can I? Pl guide….

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