Konkani Sammelan – Proud to be Konkani Song

Konkani Sammelan event  held by our Saraswat Brethern in the US have been the most grand  events in bringing together our community in a country far away from our roots. The “Proud to be Konkani” song has been very memorably presented at the Sammelan, and we are thankful to have a copy of it, to be shared with Saraswats 


Click the link to hear the enchanting song>>

The song, sung in English and Konkani, beautifully describes the history of Saraswats through a melodious songs stre

wn beautiful to western rhythm.

Proud To be Konkani | Music Codes


  1. Site s superb but a kind request wit u ppl s pls try get many othr coletions of konkani bhajans nd janapada songs m n search of such melodies if any 1 has t pls publish t…
    this english song proud 2b konkani is really hearttouching song which make me feel proud 2 b a gsb konkani guy

  2. To my surprise, I found this song, this was sung by myself(Lata Prabhu) and my daughter Sujata Prabhu, and a group of konkani austinites Anu Nayampalli, and Mahesh Kalambi.The song was written by our own Shanti Jayaram and tune was composed by all of us. I am glad you all liked it.

  3. Hello Latha. Delighted to see your comment here. Would invite your contribution to Radio Idli on an ongoing basis and look forward to your continued support.

    Nagesh Pai

  4. HiNagesh,
    I am semi retired now, I am planning to start a blogsite and would love to contribute recipes with pictures to your website, also I have sung some hindi lullabies for my grandchildren, maybe I can upload those, incase anyone is interested in it, let me know, so I can start contributing……ned to keep our culture going for our future generation. Glad to have found this site through a FB friend. Congratulations, I love the traditional konkani songs

  5. Lata and Buju! I heard your song – so cool!!!! You guys did awesome with the difficult melody. But the beat was catchy! Bravo, Konkani girls!

  6. Lata Behen and Buju beti,
    Thumhi ithle gomte kornu hein konkani padha malyaanki, amkaa mastha kushi jalyan. Dhevi Matha Saraswathi, Jagaaka (world community) berein kaoro monu praarthana karthaan. – Jayaram U. Kilpady.

  7. A great song, especially to bring together all the subsects of Konkani speaking Saraswat especially from the Kanaras and Goa!

    The tune too is superb and emotional.

    We have planned to set this song at the G-3 Sangam at Ahmedabad on 26 January 2013 G-3 is an annual event of all the Konkani speaking Saraswats of Gujarat and rotates between Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat

    Vivek Hattangadi

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