Well people after a looooong break with the second episode of the Puneri Thecha.. So we hope u guys give us the same kind of encouragement that you gave us for the first episode… So presenting to you the second episode of the Puneri Thecha

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First of all, lets start this day with a Bhajan of Shri Raam. Bharathi Nayak asks for His blessings this saturday. with “BHAJAMANA RAAM“…..

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Here is Ananth Anna’s Mamama again with a cool kid’s story..
We must have heard Cinderella story. but do we know we too have some Cinderella in Konkani too KUNDEKURKULA’s Story :P.. Here is what Anna has to say to his mamama..

” Mamama, Thanks so much for rendering ur voice and makin me nostalgic. I remember all your stories that u told me during bedtime. Thanks so much for all that u have done. My prayers to God, to give you more strengths n to “keep you HAPPY N BUBBLY as ever” for many years to come.., UR DA BEST n LOVE ya :)”


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And so until next time, keep listening and stay tuned to Radio Idli…
Stay Tuned, Stay Beautiful… Ciao 🙂
Signing off
-Tejaswini “TJ” shenoy



  1. Thanx a lot anna… Was waiiiiiiiiiiiiiting for the kundekurkula story… Amma used to tell me this story wen i was a kid… i used to totally luuuuuuuuuuuvvv it… amma has totally forgotten it though..(or maybe in recollection of the fact that i used to make her keep telling me this story each and every day, she is pretending to do so…) I asked my mamama, she couldn’t recollect it either… ITs been ages since I last heard it… Thanx a lot ananthanna for recording this and my thanx to mamama too… Hope to meet her next time she’s in Pune…


  2. Maja aaya

    Listening to a story from a grandmother is a great Luck and AJ is the most lucky guy..

    And he is sharing that luck with us..

    Three cheers to Mamama and Aj too

  3. kudekurkula magel favourite story ashile, mamamma ka sadda ek pati puni te kaani sang monu sangche ashile…mamammale mast udgas ayle aaji…kitle pati aykaleri vare vapaas vapaas aikuka monu mhonche… aaji mast disana ye kaani aikunu khushi jalle… sounded like my own mamamma narrating it to me…thanks

  4. Thanx a ton for the story of kundekurkula.reminded me of my mamama….it brought all the memories of my childhood and mamale i stay in tokyo this was really a surprise for son who is 2 and half was all ears to hear someone speaking in konkani.giggling most of the time.miss u mamama.thanks ajji.

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