Rang De Basanti .. the series so far

*************** At the outset****************************
Ahhh! Feels nice to give my first post on Radio Idli after my Marriage leave 🙂

I thank you all for your kind and lovely wishes which Varsha and i will cherish lifelong!!
**********************now back to business :-)****************

The Rang De Basanti Drama in our very own Konkani progresses to its 4th episode. We have been receiving requests to have the series shown as a single combined post. We have split it into episodes for convenience of upload and also of viewing in low bandwidth. We will however try and upload the entire drama as one.. Till then Here are the episodes

Click Here for the fourth episode

Previous episodes (from the latest to the first):

Third Episode

Second Episode

First episode

Curtain Raiser

Hope you enjoy the series!

There is still more to come..

Personal apologies for delays in uploads from my side due to a “rang de basanti” that my internet service provider is doing with me for the wrong reasons. Hope my Gandhigiri will work with him soon 🙂

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